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Recruitment PR and marketing tips

We've talked a lot about how to get ROI from your recruitment marketing, at Recruitment Leaders Connect, in Only Marketing Jobs, in Recruitment Grapevine, and in a hugely popular webinar with APSCo where over 80% of attendees said they weren't confident that their PR and marketing activities were being measured effectively.

measure recruitment PR and marketing


Having trouble sleeping? Stephanie King, our Head of Recruitment Practice wrote about recruiter’s biggest worries in The Global Recruiter.  You can also download the full report of findings from our survey.

More top PR and marketing tips for recruiters

How to get attention: How to write a headlineThe value of PR and content for recruiters

Content starts people interacting with you, so you can generate leads.  But what do you do once you have the engagement?


hand-4594071_19205 things to stop doing with your recruitment marketing

  1. STOP looking at PR as a vanity project – have objectives and measure outcomes
  2. STOP creating content and not marketing it...

Content MarketingTop tips for effective content marketing

BlueSky PR recently took part in UK Recruiter’s live webchat - here are Steph King's top tips on how to create effective content marketing for recruiters.


Win the war for talentUsing PR to win the war for recruitment talent

People are at the centre of your business - which makes winning the war for talent absolutely critical. The race is fast and intense in recruitment. You need an edge to win.


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