Attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent requires more than a strapline or mission statement, it demands an authentic, compelling, and above all relevant employee value proposition. A proposition which showcases why your organisation is a great place to work, grow and develop. A proposition which aligns with the evolving needs of existing and potential talent.

Do you know what yours is? And is it still relevant?

Why an EVP Audit?

What worked as employer brand messaging a few years ago may now not be relevant. Today’s organisations are now having to navigate a post covid landscape where new ways of working means that traditional EVPs are on shaky ground. The biggest obstacle to your organisation may well not be the lack of talent and skills but a massive shift in your existing and potential hires’ motivations and expectations.

Our EVP Audit Process

  • Employee Insights: The first stage is to survey your existing workforce so that we can understand what truly matters to your employees based on real data.
  • Candidate Experience: This looks at all the touch points experienced by potential hires including careers sites, job descriptions and the application process.
  • Benchmarking: By benchmarking against competitors, we identify gaps and opportunities to ensure that your proposition is on point.
  • Development of EVP: The development of a core proposition, supported by a number of key messages which can be used to showcase your employer brand and culture to both existing and potential hires. A proposition that gives compelling reasons for people to join – and stay!
  • EVP Roadmap: Once your EVP has been developed, we will produce a detailed roadmap outlining our recommendations of how to promote your EVP and bring your employer brand to life through our content and ­PR