Some Deans are more visible in the media than others. Some have built a better reputation, inspired their audiences, and reaped the rewards in terms of student recruitment numbers, attracting corporate partners and hiring some top faculty that became keen to join their teams.

How did these Deans secure such compelling visibility? This ebook will outline why you, as the Dean, can have such an impact, why you should engage publicly in the first place and how you – with communications and marketing teams and agencies – can significantly boost your profile. Experts will also offer their own insights and, finally, this document will outline how BlueSky is able to help.

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Deans, is this why your rival is getting more press coverage than you_

This eBook includes:

  • Why the Dean is the secret weapon to building a business school's brand
  • Why Deans' are doing so many interviews with journalists
  • How to make a Dean famous
  • Experts advice on Deans engaging with the media