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What are firms’ recruitment PR and marketing priorities in 2024?

As we head into the new year, hiring firms across the UK are adjusting to potential economic pressures, new priorities and a changing talent arena. To drive better results in what could be a challenging environment, many are readjusting their communications strategies for the coming months. This evolving environment is why we launched a poll recently across our social media channels that looked to identify what firms were prioritising when it came to marketing and PR in 2024.

Producing top-quality content

The poll produced some interesting results and revealed that, for around one in five firms, producing more quality content is their top PR and marketing priority for the next year. In the digital age, where information is abundant, creating content that stands out is essential. PR and marketing plays a pivotal role in developing material, suited for a range of channels, that not only resonates with target audiences but also establishes the organisation as an authority in its field. When executed strategically, this work can elevate an agency above the noise, and its competitors, ensuring that the brand remains relevant for both candidates and clients.

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Increased lead generation

Unsurprisingly, generating more leads also performed well in our poll, with over a third of respondents putting this top of their priority list.

It’s no secret that in the world of recruitment, the ongoing challenge is to attract top talent and maintain a robust pool of candidates, and PR and marketing can be used to develop opportunities that can significantly enhance lead generation. Firms can look to build a stronger online presence that will make it easier for potential clients and candidates to find them. This content can be shared through existing channels and agencies should look to engage with their target audiences, participate in relevant conversations and regularly share press coverage, industry insights, and engaging content on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram in order to maximise its reach and generate more incoming enquiries.

In addition, entering businesses into awards and other recognition schemes can significantly enhance an agency's credibility and generate leads. Winning, or even being nominated for, prestigious awards can position an agency in the spotlight, making it more appealing to potential clients and candidates.

Boosting brand awareness

However, it was increasing brand awareness that came out top in our poll, with almost half of businesses making this their number one goal from marketing and PR work in 2024. Securing press coverage, whether through interviews, longer-form articles or press releases, can enhance an agency's credibility and visibility. A positive mention in reputable publications not only boosts brand awareness and provides trusted third-party accreditation, but also reinforces a business’ position as trustworthy.

Thought leadership

Naturally, if improving visibility and awareness is the priority, firms have to ensure they are presenting the right image that will attract more clients and candidates to want to work with them. A well-crafted content marketing strategy, driven by PR and marketing expertise, can position a recruitment agency as an industry thought leader. By creating insightful blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies, they can not only showcase knowledge but also establish trust with their audiences. This content becomes a magnet for potential candidates and clients, driving organic traffic to company websites and converting visitors into valuable leads. Equally, the content being produced needs to be properly optimised to provide the best possible results. Doing so enables firms to boost rankings and become more visible to clients and candidates seeking recruitment services, translating into a consistent flow of high-quality leads.

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Recruitment PR and marketing priorities in 2024

As the recruitment and HR landscape continues to evolve, the role of PR and marketing will only become more critical. By generating more leads, developing quality content, and boosting brand awareness, recruitment agencies can not only survive but thrive in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced industry. As they navigate the ever-evolving landscape, they must remember that the strategic collaboration between PR and marketing is not just a luxury, but a must-have, in order to achieve sustained success.

If you’re looking for assistance boosting awareness of your brand or want to learn more about how PR can generate quality leads then make sure you contact our expert team.

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Bruce CallanderAuthor: Bruce Callander

With over a decade’s experience in PR, marketing and communications, Bruce develops and executes media relations, content and social media strategies for firms in the recruitment and hiring industries, as well as suppliers to those sectors and other organisations both in the UK and internationally.


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