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What is Evergreen Content? And Why You Should Love It

You may have heard the term before, but aren’t exactly sure what it means, how it can benefit your business, or why it’s named after a tree. So what is evergreen content? Evergreen content is content that is relevant now and long after it is published. It can show up in a variety of formats, such as ‘how-to’ articles, top ten lists, case studies, and much more.

Topics that work well for this are those that are part of our everyday lives, or relevant for everyone within a certain industry or subculture. Be it health, finance, careers, family, or relationships, evergreen content will flourish regardless of what’s going on in the news. News articles, statistics and reports, and trending topics are typically not suitable for this.

Long-term potential

The most important aspect of evergreen content is its long-term potential. The fact it will still be relevant in the future makes it a great tool for building your SEO strategy. By publishing content that will be in demand for years to come, you’re creating something that will be fresh for new readers at any time they visit your site. While the value of creating timely articles on current, relevant topics should not be overlooked, basing your whole strategy around this is an approach that won’t allow you to get the most out of your content.

Unique and relevant

When choosing a topic for evergreen content, make sure you are writing about something relevant to your business or industry, and research the keywords that people are searching for related to the topic. There are plenty of free tools available to help you to do this, such as Google Analytics and Answer the Public. Be sure to optimise your content for SEO, and make it easily shareable across social channels.

If you’re writing about a popular topic, put a spin on it to make it stand out the masses of content on the same subject. Old blogs that are out-of-date can sometimes also be repurposed as evergreen content.

What are the benefits of evergreen content?

There are many benefits from evergreen content. It is a great tool for lead generation as it will continue to generate leads in the long-term. It’s also more likely to be shared across social networks. People love to share valuable and relevant content and evergreen content retains its value over time.

Although the idea of evergreen content is nothing new, there so much room for it to grow and expand. By creating it now, you’ll be one step ahead of those who aren’t convinced of its value. The return on your investment may not be immediate, but when done right, an evergreen content strategy will benefit your business for a long time to come.

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Author: Jake Galland

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