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5 things to stop doing with your recruitment marketing

  1. STOP looking at PR as a vanity project – have objectives and measure outcomes
  2. STOP creating content and not marketing it
  3. STOP writing crap job adverts and blaming the advert and the talent who applies
  4. STOP sending out press releases about what you do… no-one cares
  5. STOP using billers to write blogs

Tracey Barrett and Lisa Jones’ top recruitment PR and marketing tips

  • Focus on the objectives of your content strategy
  • Content is a tactic
  • There’s a lot of crap content out there
  • Keeping your brand a secret isn’t a great tactic
  • Leverage, stretch and repurpose your press coverage to get maximum ROI
  • Think of job ads as content – not a rehash of the job spec
  • Build your recruitment marketing strategy around your target market
  • Stop telling people what you do – no-one cares – tell them what you know
  • Promote the success of your marketing activities internally and take credit for the sales you contribute to
  • Think about how you can get content from recruiters without asking them to stop billing
  • Use PR as a business development tool

Shocking stats: recruitment agency polls

  • 58% of recruitment firms hardy ever appear in the media outside of the recruitment press
  • 42% of recruitment consultancies are generating valuable leads and talent with their content – if you’re not one of them, you’re missing out
  • 75% of recruitment businesses say they have lots to say but they don’t know how to create or send a press release
  • 71% of recruitment marketers say getting recruiters to give them content is like trying to pull teeth

Looking to build PR into your business development strategy? For more tips on how to leverage your media coverage read more from the BlueSky PR Blog and check out our free, on-demand webinars.

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If you missed our webinar with Barclay Jones on 5 things to stop doing with your recruitment marketing you can watch the video below.





Author: Jennifer Wright

Originally published February 2017, updated March 2022

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