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The importance of SEO in recruitment to attract candidates in a skills short market

First things first, let me start by introducing myself! I’m Charlie Nunn (Charlotte to avoid confusion!) and I'm one of the newest member of the team here at BlueSky PR. My focus will be all things content related.

Having experience in both marketing and recruitment is what brought me here, to BlueSky. I am very excited to develop my skills and nurture my passion.

Some valuable lessons that I have learned so far in my career that will stand me in good stead here are:

  • Data analysis is the key to success.
  • Hashtags are more useful than you think.
  • Video content is the future of PR and marketing.

This being my first blog post, I think it is only right that I explore a topic crucial to recruiters, and that is:

Why SEO blog content is so valuable

value of content: SEO for recruitersTo understand why SEO blog content is so valuable for recruitment agencies in attracting candidates, it is first vital to understand why blogging is needed for SEO.

Not only does blogging build credibility, trust, and develop relationships, but it also gives readers an insight into your businesses' digital marketing and social media strategies. Blog posts help your company stand out from the crowd which can therefore make your website rank higher than others.

A no-brainer…right?

Whilst there may not be an opportunity to update your businesses’ website continuously, having a blog provides a platform to consistently publish and create content. Search engines like Google thrive on websites that are updated regularly. The more content your website has, the more opportunity Google has to index your data and therefore more chances at the number 1 spot!

Why is optimising SEO so crucial for recruitment businesses?

Millions of potential candidates go to Google every day to look for their next role. Without optimising the content on your website, recruitment agencies will struggle to attract and discover new applicants. 

Questions to think about when planning for your blog

  • Who is your demographic and how do they find their information?
  • What is their career path and what social networks do they use?
  • What skills are required to do their job and what topics do they generally read about?

After this is established, the goal of your recruitment blog should be defined. This is vital for your SEO strategy.

So, you’ve got the Why and the What, now you need the How

recruitment blogging and SEOAccording to data by ERE over 80,000 blogs are posted every day, meaning there is a lot of competition. Having a fully optimised blog on your website can greatly increase brand awareness and provide personal interaction between you and your candidates.

Keyword research is an essential element of utilising SEO. Exploring what potential searchers are typing into search engines, will give your website a better chance of performing well. Strategically using a mix of targeted keywords and long-tail/short-tail keywords in blog posts will optimise results, but it is important to avoid keyword stuffing (a content marketing mistake). Make sure the keywords being used are always of relevance to your topic.

Guest blogging also allows you to use backlinking, another tool that can generate even more traffic to your website. This is achieved by establishing relationships with related sources to be featured on their websites and consequently attracts the correct target audience to your recruitment website.

Some recruitment blogging tips

  • Highlight your employment process on your website = builds rapport with your candidates.
  • Ensure your website/blog is optimised with up-to-date keywords = higher website ranking.
  • Be creative with your content = drives results and engagement.
  • Ensure your blog is SEO’d (as it were) effectively = keep readers on your website for longer.
  • Take advantage of your businesses’ contacts and send out links to the blog = fantastic networking tool.

Final thoughts

In this ever more digital world, engaging content is proving time and time again to be the number 1 way to attract new visitors to your website. If your business is stuck on where to start to drive engagement to your recruitment website, a blog is the perfect place to start and is essential for optimising your SEO.

With 2021 being labelled the year of the ‘Great Resignation’ having an optimised SEO strategy for your recruitment business has never been more relevant especially in attracting candidates in a skills short market. Overall, blogging is a low-cost but high-impact way of achieving your recruitment business' SEO goals.

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Author: Charlie Nunn

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