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How recruitment firms can create snackable content for social media

As social media feeds continue to become increasingly saturated with a rise of 2.3 million UK users in the last year, it is more difficult than ever for recruitment agencies to cut through the noise and generate content that captures the attention of their target audiences.

Ensuring that your firm’s social media content includes what is known as ‘snackable content’ is an effective way of providing value-focused content that can achieve this.

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In this blog post I will:

  • Explain what snackable content is
  • Outline 5 types of snackable content you can create
  • Detail how to use it as part of a wider campaign

What is snackable content?

Snackable content is information presented in a way that is easily digestible for your audience and doesn’t require minutes to read or watch it. This means that potential candidates and clients can consume it wherever they are - whether that’s are sitting down at their desk, while they make a coffee or are out on a walk.

These bite-sized pieces of content can be used to:

  • Reinforce your brand messaging
  • Drive traffic to larger content pieces
  • Promote your range of services and jobs
  • Build deeper connections with your audience

5 types of snackable content recruitment firms can incorporate into their social media strategy

There are various types of snackable content you can create for your recruitment business. Below are five of the most effective.

  1. Infographics

As you’ve no doubt heard on numerous occasions ‘an image is worth a thousand words’ – and this is especially true for infographics as they can be used to condense a large amount of information into a visually engaging piece of content that is highly sharable.

Infographics can take more planning and designing than other types of content but can work incredibly effectively in driving traffic to a larger content piece. For example, if your recruitment firm has produced a gated salary survey report then you could highlight the most compelling statistics within your infographic and contain a call-to-action, within both the infographic and the social post itself, to download the report. The infographic will help stand out in your followers’ feeds, whereas a more direct post announcing that the results are live may be scrolled past.


  1. Tips and advice

Offering short pieces of advice to your audience is a simple way to add value and build trust from potential candidates and clients.

You could drive traffic back to a specific piece of marketing content, such as a blog post or webinar, by producing and sharing several images that highlight tips from it, or you could create a stand-alone campaign featuring CV tips and interview advice from your recruitment consultants. Adding value in this manner is one of the best ways for recruitment firms to attract their target audience.

  1. Videos

Short videos are a popular form of snackable content, as we’ve seen in recent months with the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Recruitment firms should produce video content that adds value to candidates and clients. These may include short interviews with a senior member of staff on the latest industry trends, or recruitment consultants sharing interview tips or hiring advice. This type of content not only provides valuable information to your audience, but also brings your employees to the fore of your social media.


Posting relatable quotes can be a great way to tap into the emotions and mindsets of your target audience and build a deeper connection with them. For example, motivational quotes from influencers or industry leaders your audience admire can be a highly effective way of achieving this.

Alternatively, you could feature quotes from speakers at an upcoming event you’re participating in and overlay them onto a photo to promote the event. By tagging them into the post they are also likely to engage with it, which in turn will help maximise the post’s reach.

  1. User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is any content posted by your candidates or clients about your brand and its services. This could include photos of congratulations cards sent to successful candidates who have started new jobs or passed their probation period, or positive comments left on social media posts. Sharing this type of content will further enhance the trust and credibility of your recruitment firm among your target audience.

Using snackable content as part of a campaign

As mentioned in the examples above, snackable content can be used for one-off posts or as part of a larger campaign, such as a new report that you’re launching or an upcoming webinar. If you are thinking of integrating them into a wider campaign, there a few things that you should consider. These are:

  • Campaign duration – How long will the campaign run for?
  • Post frequency – How often will you be sharing snackable content?
  • Brand consistency – Make sure that your images and/or videos are not only consistent with the look and feel of your brand but mirror the wider campaign materials too

To recap, snackable content is a great way to provide value-focused content that is easy for your audiences to consume. You can use some of the examples in this blog to generate ideas for your recruitment firm.

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