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Why PR is essential for attracting top talent: 3 winning strategies

In today's job market, one of the biggest hurdles recruitment firms and internal recruiters both face is attracting talent. 

With this in mind...

Here are some top tips to get the ball rolling and incorporate a winning PR strategy in your recruitment process to attract top talent.

3 top tips on using PR for candidate attraction 

1. Build brand awareness

Let’s face it, it’s much easier to recruit and attract candidates to a company that they have already heard of. However, in the ongoing war for talent, now more than ever companies need to look at putting their best foot forward and a competitive PR strategy can do just that. Ensuring potential hires not only know ‘of’ you but also have a positive impression of your brand is key. This is where PR comes in – playing a crucial role in ensuring that firm’s opinions, thoughts, success and growth are highlighted. This will undoubtedly gain the interest of potential candidates wanting to find out more.

More on building your brand >

2. Increase credibility

In order to spread positive narratives and engage your target market, the key is informative content, rather than ‘selling’ a brand or product. PR is the perfect way to speak to your target audience without it falling on deaf ears by demonstrating expertise and thought leadership. Providing helpful information and being see as an authority in your industry not only gives people insight but also increases your brand credibility to attract the right talent.

3. Provide value

Ultimately, we often hear the same objection “but what can PR actually do?” in reality quite a lot in fact. But to increase attraction and brand awareness, this comes with a consistent long-term strategy in place. PR can frequently be overlooked in business. So, to achieve effective branding that resonates with your target market, you must follow through with your measured PR plan – then you will really start to see results. Stories are what people will connect with, and while the world of PR is often fast and reactive when it comes to building your brand, it’s the day-to-day consistency of providing value to your audience that will achieve the biggest success.

So how do you get started when it comes to PR?

You're up to speed with recruitment marketing, your social media strategy is driving engagement but where do you start when it comes to putting together an effective PR strategy?

Lucky we've prepared a guide for you.

And if you're looking for more tips on using PR for recruitment, we've got you covered.

Turning content into revenue

Originally published August 2018, updated December 2022

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