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TikTok: Should your recruitment firm be using it?

TikTok witnessed incredible growth in during the pandemic, as people sign up to the app to join in with challenges, learn dance routines and be entertained in what was a challenging time for us all. So, should your recruitment firm get in on the trend and start using TikTok? Here's what you need to know about the platform.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a mobile-first social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering videos. TikTok was launched in China in 2016, and in 2017 bought lip syncing app Musical.ly and consolidated its user base into one app to create a much larger international community of users.

Who is TikTok’s audience?

Propelled by the impact of Covid-19 on our working and social lives TikTok grew to more than 700 million users around the world in 2020, and celebrated 1 billion active users in 2021.

And according to data from TikTok’s marketing solutions arm, TikTok for Business, the app has 17 million regular users in the UK who spend over an hour per day on the app – with four in 10 between the ages of 18-24. While a younger audience than more established social media platforms this group – which comprises Gen Z and millennials – are likely to be planning their career paths which means that firms focusing on the apprenticeship and graduate markets could tap into a wider pool of candidates.

How can we use TikTok for recruitment marketing?

TikTok can be a great way showcase your team, humanise your brand and provide an insight into your company’s culture. Depending on your objectives, you could use the platform to provide valuable candidate information, such as CV advice and interview tips, or use it to enhance your employer brand.

Here are some ideas on how your recruitment firm could potentially use TikTok.

1. Put the spotlight on your employees

As a people-centric industry, your employees should be the front and centre of any video content that you produce. So why not allow them to take control of your brand’s TikTok account and show what being an employee at your company is like? They can share some of the team activities that go on during a typical working day – whether that’s in the office or working remotely – in a creative and entertaining manner.

As TikTok’s are produced on a phone it means the footage recorded should be raw and authentic rather than being overly produced – as you would get with the likes of an office company video – and this side of the business will help attract employees.


2. Showcase the expertise of your recruiters

As I’ve mentioned before, recruitment professionals need an effective personal brand if they are to be successful in their roles. TikTok’s focus on music and creativity means that those who might be lacking the confidence to get in front of a camera and speak may prefer the platform to recording a standard talking head video.

Think about what advice they can share with candidates who are at the beginning of their careers and how they can make their videos engaging.

3. Create your own hashtag challenge

A hashtag challenge is where a brand creates a specific hashtag linked to a video challenge. These have technically been around for years, for example the Ice Bucket Challenge was arguably the most successful one of all time, but with the growth of TikTok these have focused more on fun and quirky activities that people can participate in.

If your recruitment firm has a large workforce, why not consider your own internal hashtag challenge? It would promote employee engagement, increase brand awareness and enhance your employer brand

Should we be using TikTok at our recruitment agency?

Due to the platform’s younger demographic, If your recruitment firm specialises in apprenticeship and graduate recruitment then TikTok is definitely a platform worth considering. However, as I always advise you should ensure that you do not spread your resources too thinly by focusing on more social media platforms than you can manage.

I would recommend conducting some initial research by reviewing your candidate personas and get your recruiters to ask your audience - particularly those between the ages of 18-24 - whether they are active on TikTok and whether they feel they would benefit from content being created especially for the platform.

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