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Recruiters - The client experience - will anything ever change?

Recruiters – The client experience – will anything ever changeI attended an APSCo members meeting last week and one of the items under discussion was a survey of 173 end user clients of APSCo members undertaken by Innergy.  The survey, 'Raising the Bar' asked a number of questions around the reasons for using recruiters, what they wanted to see from recruiters and how they viewed them.  The results of the survey showed that most organisations viewed recruiters somewhere between toleration and disgust. Hmm.

So what is the industry doing wrong - well according to the survey, end user clients want recruiters to:

  • Provide innovative  pricing models
  • Be more customer led
  • Employ better people
  • Provide technical solutions
  • Be better communicators

That got me thinking - surely good recruiters would be doing all that anyway?  But this was 173 organisations -  a not insubstantial number.

The meeting then moved onto a client panel - and here's where I got a real shock. The subject under discussion was:  'How can recruiters help you attract and retain people with the right values and cultural fit for your business'.  The panel included Greg Allen Head of Recruitment for Nokia who said that when his organisation organised a briefing  session and round table discussion for all PSL agencies  on Nokia's culture - what good looks like - what sort of  people they are looking for - in fact all the things that would make the recruiters job easier - half the agencies didn't bother to show.  I was genuinely shocked.

What are you doing to enhance the client experience?



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