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All I want for PR 2018 - the good and the bad

New Year, new start and a new world of PR?

In the ever changing society we live it can be hard to keep up. But let’s face it, scarily 2018 is fast approaching us and many are unsure of what the New Year might bring.

Far from finite, it seems the pace of new innovation is rising at an alarming speed and if we aren’t careful, soon we may find ourselves wading through a haze of advanced technology and myriad of creative innovations for the New Year. But what about PR and marketing? Erring on the side of caution, these sectors like any other will be impacted in some way by the changes for 2018, of course we are looking forward to welcoming these in a positive respect but it can be difficult to narrow down just what the world is anticipating for the months to come.

In order to prepare ahead for January and the following months I think it’s time we heard a few PR predictions from the experts (AKA the BlueSky team.)

Social media Guru Dan Stobbs gave his thoughts on what to expect for the New Year.

“With organic reach falling across all major platforms, 2018 will see a large number of brands use social advertising to ensure their content is viewed by their target audiences.”

It’s true, online presence is key but PR social media is much more than just having an Instagram account. It is about your brand, reputation and understanding your consumer market to reach goals!

While account executive Peter Remon predicted a further rise for artificial intelligence (AI).

“We will definitely being seeing AI incorporated into PR and marketing campaigns, it’s quite exciting and I’m looking forward to what the advanced technology sector will bring for 2018”

Undoubtedly, with billions poured into technology and artificial intelligence the PR industry maybe next in line for a long term tech upgrade. All these algorithms and data sequences may sound confusing for now, but AI will hopefully enhance the way we understand trends, increase the speed in which we process data and improve the lines of communication between brand, companies and consumers.

However, account manager, Carly Smith also predicts room for improvement in the industry and a change in the way firms might operate.

“2018 will see a greater focus on authenticity. The year hasn’t been great for the reputation of the profession, what with Bell Pottinger’s spectacular implosion and other high-profile failures. In the digital age, PR strategists must promote honest authentic stories… audiences won’t tolerate disingenuous messages.”

Authenticity in PR is crucial not only to maintain a loyal audience and keep a positive brand reputation but also to avoid fragmented media outputs.

From what we can see it is looking positive, the New Year marks a new start and direction. While we may be gearing up for all the changes and developments to come our way, it’s also important to focus on our personal goals and make 2018 even better.

Happy Christmas!


Author: Zahra Abedi

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