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Introducing Ariella Durban

Despite graduating from the University of Bristol with a degree in Philosophy, I was sceptical as to how far my knowledge of Kant, Aristotle and Wittgenstein’s writings might get me when entering the real world. Contemplating what was next only exacerbated the existential crisis that studying philosophy had provoked; debating whether space, time or other minds exist seemed like easy work in comparison to figuring out where I would like my life to go. And despite philosophy being a subject so intertwined with many aspects and areas of life, it was difficult to see where having a degree in philosophy would take me.

Having perhaps not made the most effective use of the careers system, I beautified my CV and thought that the best idea would be to apply to a vast selection of jobs and see what sparked my interest. I dabbled in the likes of working at the Wolberg Studios, the first ever Pintillism art gallery in London, featuring a unique collection of art-work created entirely out of pins. Next, I took to creating my own business out of designing and selling shoes over an online platform. I also volunteered at a SEN school for autistic children and helped to promote the school’s profile across different social media platforms. Each position provided me with a different and thought-provoking experience. It opened the door to what professional life was like (in a nutshell, waking up before 9am and actually having to concentrate for a consecutive number of hours), as well teaching me what I was capable of achieving as part of a team and as an individual. However, I still felt like I was missing that drive and passion associated with what might be considered a perfect job.

Continuing on my try before you buy style of discovering what my career trajectory should be, I secured myself some work experience at a PR firm in London - discovering that this was an environment which really excited me. It turned out that philosophy actually did have a lot of transferable skills and I was able to utilise the different aspects of my degree that I enjoyed the most, such as writing, researching and exercising my creative abilities. In addition, working in a new sector enabled me to explore and learn new skills connected with communications and marketing that I was not as well acquainted with. From reading articles on topics I had next to no knowledge about, to building relationships with clients and journalists, PR presented me with the opportunity to immerse myself in a challenge and broaden my horizons. It provided me with that sense of passion and drive I had been striving to find.

When I found the opening to work for BlueSky Education, a well-reputed company working with a range of prestigious institutions and top media contacts, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of PR. Their specialist knowledge and vast amount of experience within the industry is confidently reassuring and means that I really have the possibility to learn and grow, as a member of the team, but also as a person. Learning to adapt to and understand a new environment can be daunting, but I look forward to seeing what the next couple of months hold working alongside a passionate and knowledgeable team! BlueSky Education have offered me a brilliant opportunity to get stuck into a new, exciting challenge.

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