PR for HR

BlueSky has delivered PR services across the HR sector for over fifteen years. With a track record of coverage across national trade and international media, our employer branding and case study led pieces we have helped a range of organisations tell their brand’s story to become an employer of choice.  We have long-standing relationships with journalists across the a whole range of sectors which means that we can get your messages in front of the right audiences and in the right publications at the right time. Our services cover a range of PR areas including:

  • Case studies of employees and key leadership personnel to showcase career journeys through targeted media campaigns
  • Content for employer branding blogs, white papers and reports  
  • Award submissions
  • Videos for website and social media channels
  • Copy for careers sites
  • Promotion of careers sites
  • Video planning and production
  • Employer branding strategy and workshops
  • Employer of choice and recruitment social media campaigns
  • Media training
  • PR training

As a firm which specialises in PR for HR, we understand that internal communications, internal recruitment & resourcing and social media are all strands that are now inextricably linked with HR. That’s why we have been the HR PR firm of choice for a wide range of organisations from large international firms through to SMEs, boutique firms and start-ups. We are flexible around budget and payment terms and will design a bespoke package for each client bases on its overall objectives.

Whether you are starting at the very beginning of your employer brand journey and need some strategic advice or looking at how you can improve your talent pools and pipelines, BlueSky PR is the only team you will ever need.

We are agile, proactive and responsive and you will see tangible and measurable results quickly– as early as the first month of working together.

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