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A new member of the BlueSky team: Peter Remon

Starting a new job felt eerily similar to my first day at university

The early starts, the meeting new people, the opportunity to learn new things. However, this time it was all without a fresher’s week before-hand sadly.

And, like starting university, I had a nervous but excited feeling leading up to my first day at BlueSky PR. Would I enjoy it? Would I get on with everyone? Would I look good in my ID photo? Hoping the answer to all three would be yes. Of course, after an hour I’d settled in and was already enjoying myself, wondering why I was nervous in the first place.

Four weeks in, and the time has already flown by, much like my three years studying Public Relations at Sheffield Hallam university did. From the first day to the last, it all simply merged into a blur. And no, that’s not because of all the nights out.

The university experience

Although you would imagine three years of studying Public Relations would make you something of an expert, it was for me, the university experience itself that made me more prepared for both the working world and a career in PR.

You can practice writing as many press releases, blog posts or PR campaigns as humanly possible, however it was the skills I learned from being out of my comfort zone and having to push myself that prepared me for a career after university.

The juggling of university classes, part-time work and a social life provided me with time management and organisational skills.
The meeting and conversing with new people from all different walks of life provided me with confidence and networking skills.
The long hours of research and writing in the library, only to come home knowing you have to do it all again tomorrow, provided me with a solid ethic.

It was these skills as well as my PR knowledge that I needed within my first four weeks here at BlueSky PR. I’ve already learned a vast amount about the company, the clients and the sector, and have enjoyed myself doing all of this.

I like to think these skills will help me build a successful career in PR.
Or maybe, in my case, the fact my initials are PR has meant I was destined for a career here at BlueSky all along.


Author: Peter Remon


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