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Introducing Chloe Lane

At university I had the privilege of being taught by some brilliant lecturers. I opted to take some of the more obscure economics modules, such as The Economics of the Roman World which I loved every minute of. I also studied a few law modules and advanced statistics, as well as the more traditional micro and macroeconomics. Overall, a very mixed bag.

After graduating with an economics degree from the University of Reading, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I’d always enjoyed writing and completed an internship in marketing at a theatre company in the summer of my second year. I figured I’d end up doing something vaguely marketing related.

To everyone’s surprise I decided to instead take a job in fashion merchandising. The role was very analytics focused and I quickly realised it wasn’t for me (although the free clothes were a huge bonus).

It became clear that what I really wanted to do was write, and I started to apply for journalism jobs. I eventually landed a job as a writer for QS and worked towards an NCTJ qualification to become a professional journalist. I worked at QS for four years, producing a wide range of student-led content for a large international audience and working directly with universities and business schools.

With a background in the higher education sector and experience writing about business schools, the move to BlueSky Education was an obvious next step for me. I’m eager to learn about the other side of journalism, continuing to work with business schools to help create insightful, interesting content.

BlueSky Education is a very people-focused PR agency with an excellent team who care a lot about their clients and the journalists they work with. The team’s passionate approach to their work really stood out to me and made me eager to get stuck into the world of higher education PR. I’m excited to see what the future holds at BlueSky Education.

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