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A new member of the BlueSky team: Kate Mowbray

Back to school

I still remember how I felt when I went to big school for the first time.

New teachers, new friends, would I get lost?

Starting a new job often feels like going back to school. Especially when you start in the first week of September and you have to start wearing your winter coat again.

Everything is new. The job, the journey, the people.

That going back to school feeling is something I became accustomed to during my time at University. I’ve studied at two business schools in two very different locations, The University of Hull in East Yorkshire and San Diego State University in Southern California. Both of these experiences provided me with a new understanding of people and cultures different from my own.

After graduating (grudgingly) with a Business degree after four great years I began working in Human Resources. HR did little to satisfy my desire to be creative, sociable or to learn much about the world around me. However, it did introduce me to the world of work and getting up before midday!

A new job in PR therefore seemed like a perfect fit, reading newspapers and sending the interesting and relevant pieces out to your team is apparently part of the job!?

Starting at BlueSky has been a fresh start.

I’ve got a lot to learn about the industry and the clients. But I like to think I know what’s interesting, what could make a good press release and what people care about.
I’m hoping that my innate interest in people and ideas will benefit me. The fact that you get to utilise that interest in PR and then write about it in an interesting and engaging way is exciting.

First days may be scary but I’ve found that they often lead to some great experiences.


Author: Kate Mowbray



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