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Why prioritising PR is crucial for recruitment firms in 2024

In uncertain economic times, investing in your brand's PR and visibility should be a top priority, not an afterthought. Gaining a consistent media presence and standing out from the immensely crowded recruitment landscape are key competitive advantages as we head into the challenges of 2024.

But what exactly is PR and why is it so important? PR is all about managing the relationship between an organisation and the public. It helps build credibility, shape public perception, and contribute to a positive brand image. By effectively communicating with the public, PR can drive brand awareness, enhance reputation, and ultimately contribute to business growth.

This blog was developed from the transcript of a fantastic webinar that’s now available for you to watch on-demand

The undeniable importance of PR

Let's get one thing straight from the outset - effective PR is always important for businesses, regardless of the economic climate. However, when conditions get rocky, renewing your PR and marketing efforts becomes absolutely crucial. Just think back to the 2008 financial crisis and the early COVID-19 pandemic - the companies that doubled down on promoting their brand awareness emerged stronger.

The stats back this up as well. In a recent survey, a whopping 44% of recruiters cited increasing brand awareness as a key focus for 2024. And you simply cannot achieve true brand awareness without a comprehensive, insight-driven PR strategy driving it. This isn't something that can be tackled through sales messages alone.

How PR impacts SEO and search rankings

PR can have a significant impact on SEO and SERP rankings. When you earn media coverage, press releases, or guest articles in reputable publications, you generate backlinks to your website. These backlinks improve your site's visibility and credibility in the eyes of search engines, potentially boosting your ranking in search results.

It can also drive website traffic - PR efforts like media coverage and strategic content placement increase brand awareness, compelling more people to visit your site to learn more. Making PR a powerful tool to attract potential clients.

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The war for visibility in an oversaturated market

The recruitment market in the UK is insanely saturated and fiercely competitive, with new firms constantly entering the already-crowded arena. The numbers are staggering - there are over 30,000 recruitment agencies operating in the UK alone!

If your voice isn't cutting through that deafening noise with a steady cadence of media coverage and top search rankings, you'll be left in the dust by competitors. As one client bluntly stated, "If you're not the one getting the media coverage or being most findable on Google, you're just not going to compete." It's that simple.

Stand out with a unique, data-backed POV

But simply shouting for brand awareness and flailing for media mentions is not an effective PR approach either. The most impactful campaigns amplify unique, insightful opinions and perspectives that are firmly backed by data and industry facts.

Too many recruitment firms make the mistake of pushing thinly-veiled sales pitches disguised as content. This self-promotional fluff inevitably gets tuned out by audiences and journalists alike. In an oversaturated space like recruitment, separating yourself with a distinct, authoritative voice is pivotal to capturing attention.

Identify the right internal voices

This vital voice of credibility is often assumed to come from the CEO or business founders. And while leadership should certainly be involved, the reality is that some of the most insightful, relatable perspectives could be buried within your recruiting teams and niche practice areas.

The consultants dealing directly with clients, candidates, and day-to-day trends possess a wealth of invaluable knowledge and potential talking points. Don't let those get overlooked in favour of the familiar company spokesperson who may be out of touch with the challenges clients are currently facing and the questions their consultants are being asked.

At BlueSky PR, we frequently uncover underutilised subject matter experts within our clients' ranks who can discuss their areas of expertise with natural authority. The most compelling PR campaigns feature a range of diverse voices and viewpoints beyond just the CEO.

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Make your content work smarter

One critical mistake we often see is companies investing in creating content without any strategy for maximising its reach and lifespan beyond a company blog. A recruitment sector blog alone, no matter how insightful, isn't going to deliver your message to a wide audience.

Truly effective PR strategies make every piece of content reusable and re-packageable across multiple platforms, including:

  • Guest articles and expert comments for media publications
  • Social media posts across LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Email newsletters
  • Embedded video interviews and podcasts
  • Highly shareable visual content like reports and graphics

This unified content approach exponentially amplifies the impact of each core insight. A single in-depth article that may only reach a few thousand readers on your company blog could get exposed to millions when intelligently sliced and repackaged for broader syndication.

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Optimising content for search and shareability

Along with dynamic content formatting, optimisation for search and social shareability is also vital. A stellar media placement won't move the needle if it lives behind a strict paywall that restricts access. And simply stuffing blogs with keywords while skimping on substantive insights will fail to earn valuable rankings or audience engagement.

The most successful PR content strategies strike a balance between targeting relevant search terms and delivering genuine value that compels people to actively seek it out and share it organically across their networks.

At BlueSky PR, our process includes optimising all content for maximum searchability and social sharing, while never compromising on quality and audience relevance. We understand how modern audiences and journalists consume and evaluate content in 2024's media landscape.

The brand-building benefits of PR

Beyond just driving website traffic, PR can have profound impacts on core business objectives like:

Building brand reputation

PR plays a vital role in proactively managing your brand's reputation. It enables you to monitor sentiment, respond promptly to any negative issues, and control the narrative during potential crises. Effective PR helps maintain and even enhance brand reputation when times get tough.

Attracting & retaining top talent

Recruitment firms can leverage PR for their own talent acquisition efforts. Strategic employer branding initiatives that showcase your company culture, values and achievements position you as a desirable place to work. This helps attract top candidates while reinforcing pride among existing employees.

Generating more sales leads

While not a direct sales tool, PR's ability to raise brand awareness and credibility can indirectly contribute to lead generation. As more people become familiar with your firm through increased brand visibility, it drives potential clients to engage and enter your sales funnel.

Establishing thought leadership

PR is also a powerful vehicle for cementing your company as an industry authority and go-to expert source. By actively publishing insightful content, participating in events, and earning media recognition, you strengthen your position as a trusted thought leader.


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Partnering with specialised PR experts

Speaking of evolving media practices, effectively executing a holistic PR program requires skills and bandwidth that most companies simply don't have in-house. Even experienced marketers often struggle to keep up with:

  • Establishing and nurturing critical media relationships
  • Monitoring real-time news cycles to capitalise on timely opportunities
  • Understanding individual journalists' unique content needs and preferences
  • Adjusting to the increasing influence of freelance contributors
  • Optimising pitches and content for search algorithms

This is where partnering with specialised PR experts like the BlueSky PR team can provide immense value. We invest in the tools, experience, and agility to maximise the impact and ROI of your recruitment firm's public relations efforts.

Define your tailored PR strategy

There's no one-size-fits-all definition of "good PR." The objectives, channels, and priorities will look different for every recruitment company based on their specific market, audience, goals, and the unique challenges they face in 2024's landscape.

However, the universal key to PR success is developing a cohesive, data-driven strategy before embarking on scattered efforts that waste time and resources. The most effective PR programs are built on a strategic foundation that includes:

  • Clearly defined goals and measurable objectives for your PR investment
  • In-depth research into the media outlets, journalists, and channels that influence your target audience
  • Identifying the internal subject matter experts who can provide authoritative, credible insights
  • Mapping out a structured content production and distribution process for maximum mileage
  • Establishing benchmarks for continually measuring impact and optimising tactics over time

Measuring PR success with data

On that note, measuring the success of PR efforts can seem challenging, but it's not impossible. Key performance indicators (KPIs) like media mentions, website traffic, social engagement, and sentiment analysis help gauge a campaign's impact. Additionally, tracking metrics like revenue growth, customer feedback, and overall brand reputation provides valuable insight into PR's broader effectiveness.

Even kicking things off with a short-term PR project can demonstrate the potential dividends and build internal buy-in for further investment. The crucial first step is partnering with an experienced PR agency that takes the time to understand your unique business and craft a tailored roadmap for achieving your goals.

As the realities of 2024's economy and job market continue unfolding, the recruitment firms that prioritise strategic PR will firmly establish themselves as authoritative voices in their respective sectors. And in today's content-saturated world, a credible third-party voice is the most valuable commodity for attracting leads, top talent, and maintaining a competitive edge.

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The power of an integrated PR strategy

While PR can deliver immense benefits on its own, its true power is amplified when integrated with other marketing channels like content marketing, email campaigns, awards wins and speaking events. An integrated communications strategy enables you to:

Amplify your messages

By synchronising PR efforts with social media publishing, you can exponentially amplify the reach and impact of your key messages. Media mentions get promoted, while social conversations influence your PR pitches.

Tell a unified brand story

With content marketing working in lockstep with PR, you can tell a unified, consistent brand story across owned and earned channels. This reinforces your firm's identity and unique voice.

Drive more qualified traffic

By aligning PR, social media, SEO, and paid media tactics, you create a multi-touchpoint experience that drives more referral traffic from qualified prospects to your website.

Maximise your marketing ROI

Integration allows each individual tactic to build upon the others for cumulative impact. You essentially get more marketing "mileage" from the same core investments.


At BlueSky PR, we take an integrated approach from day one – ensuring all communications efforts ladder up to unifying our clients' brand narratives and business objectives.

Are you ready to claim that competitive advantage with an elevated PR strategy tailored for your recruitment business? The BlueSky PR team specialises in helping firms just like yours amplify their brand's voice and influence across all channels.

Let's start mapping out a data-driven action plan to elevate your profile, solidify your industry leadership, and drive measurable business results in 2024 and beyond. With an integrated PR strategy, your recruitment firm's message will be heard loud and clear.

This blog was developed from the transcript of a fantastic webinar that’s now available for you to watch on-demand

This blog was developed from the transcript of Vickie Collinge and Bruce Callandar's fantastic webinar: Fresh approaches to fuel your recruitment agency's growth in 2024, which is available to watch on-demand.

Vickie Collinge Bruce Callander

If you have any questions please get in touch - you can email Vickie and Bruce by clicking on their photos above.

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