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Introducing Jamie Hose

I always felt sure a career in journalism was what waited for me after graduation. Having a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia under my belt, it’s probably no surprise I love writing and telling stories. Aside from academic writing, during my time at university I threw myself into student journalism, broadcasting and copywriting. Any given day could see me switching between vastly different styles of writing and subject matter. I loved the variety and it kept me interested in every piece of work I took on, my career path therefore seemed clear.

But after putting my student years behind me, I was faced with a block in the road. While a career in journalism would allow me to write to my heart’s content, there would be the pressure of choosing which trench to follow. Should I cover sports? Politics? Or business and finance?

Luckily, there was a solution. Reflecting on my time as a student reporter, I thought about the people behind the press releases. The people who pitched their stories to me, whose knowledge was critical to me completing articles. I decided to pursue career opportunities in public relations. As a field, it gives me the diversity of content which had kept my mind engaged during my three undergraduate years.

When a chance presented itself to work for BlueSky Education, I seized the opportunity. The position gives me the occasion to receive training from some of the best people in the business, and work for a company that has a strong network of contacts in global media outlets like the Financial Times. I hope to bring all of the skills I have developed over three years of writing and researching with me to BlueSky Education, and I look forward to learning all about the exciting and diverse world of PR.

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