• Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    BlueSky Education is an invaluable partner in elevating the international media presence of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The team's expertise to secure impactful placements has made them an indispensable extension of our business school’s PR efforts. We highly recommend BlueSky Education for their professionalism, network and proven ability to amplify our institutional voice across diverse media channels.

    Christian Kronberger, Senior Manager External Communications

  • ESMT Berlin

    ESMT Berlin

    BlueSky Education’s understanding of the higher education landscape, coupled with their global perspective, has not only brought us media attention, but it has also enriched our corporate communications strategies. The team’s large network and tailor-made approaches have supported us for many years in elevating our school’s international profile. We are grateful for the excellent collaboration that continues to drive our mission forward.

    Martha (Molly) Ihlbrock, Director of Corporate Communications

  • EHL


    We have been working with BlueSky for a couple of years and we particularly enjoy their proactivity, soft skills and expertise in media relations. The team regularly comes up with innovative ideas to increase EHL Hospitality Business School’s visibility and thought leadership. Their knowledge of the education industry has made our collaboration a great success so far, giving us the opportunity to be featured in several top tier publications.

    Lucile Muller, Senior External Communications Manager

  • Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development

    Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development

    Working with BlueSky has been professionally rewarding, extremely fruitful, and inspiring to say the least. Aalto EE has benefitted from their initiatives and thorough knowledge of the higher education market and the audience for our kind of content during the several years we have been cooperating with them. They have continuously come up with new ideas for visibility for us and received our content and article ideas with enthusiasm and commitment to have them published. Our team, Stephanie, Katie, and Jamie are real stars in my books.


    Dr. Riitta Lumme- Tuomala is the former Head of Communication and Alumni Relations

  • ESCP Business School

    ESCP Business School

    BlueSky Education is one of the best PR agencies I have had a chance to work with. They understand what it is like to work with academics and make it easy for you to share your knowledge with the media. I found them always reactive and constructive in their approach to academic expertise. They introduced me to a wide range of top-tier international media companies. Thanks to their training and feedback I have been able to reach out to audiences around the world.

    Professor Ben Voyer

  • Nyenrode Business Universiteit

    Nyenrode Business Universiteit

    We’ve been working with BlueSky for many years and that’s for a reason! Their proactive way of working, thinking along whenever needed and their quality of press releases has helped us with our publicity over the years. Working with BlueSky doesn’t feel like working with an agency, but feels more like working with your own colleagues without losing their professionality!

    Kunegonde Warneke, Corporate Communications

  • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

    Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

    I've worked with BlueSky for 2 years now. Kerry and Kate are absolute gems. They secure our school (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) tons of excellent coverage. They respond timely, the work is of great quality and they are also just awesome humans. Would recommend.

    Danielle Baan, Research Communicator and Media Officer

  • University of Edinburgh Business School

    University of Edinburgh Business School

    Stephanie [from BlueSky Education] was a pleasure to work with. As a client, I was always impressed with her dedication, professionalism and responsiveness to my organisation's needs. She achieved excellent media coverage for us, and particularly shone in her ability to leverage case studies to help us develop reputation.

    Derek Main, Former PR & Communications Manager

  • Nazarbayev University

    Nazarbayev University

    Our Marketing and Media Outreach department are extremely pleased to be working with BlueSky. Their team of highly proactive and enthusiastic professionals are incredibly efficient, attentive, and knowledgeable, as they always come up with some great ideas of promoting our University's research projects and other key initiatives. I am sure that BlueSky’s contribution to Nazarbayev University's international brand building will very soon result in a growing number of overseas applicants.

    Zhamilya Kussainova, Senior Manager, Marketing and Media Outreach

  • Guardian Nigeria

    Guardian Nigeria

    BlueSky places value on working with others, especially the media. Their team is friendly, efficient and highly organised. They are also great at helping out with finding experts to provide invaluable insights on ranges of issues. So far, our collaboration has been great and hopefully we will continue along that wonderful path.

    Adelowo Adebumiti, Journalist 

  • McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management and HEC Paris Executive Education

    McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management and HEC Paris Executive Education

    I have had the pleasure of working with BlueSky for over a decade. This was during my tenure at McGill in Canada and HEC Paris in France. BlueSky has been an excellent international partner, always responsive, agile, strategic and delivering great results! Their network of media contacts and partners is truly impressive! No media company knows the education field as they do!


    Ron Duerksen, former Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management, and former Senior Executive Director of Degree, Certification & Short Programs at HEC Paris Executive Education

  • BI Norwegian Business School

    BI Norwegian Business School

    Through our collaboration with BlueSky we have raised our international media visibility and improved our capacity to deliver on PR goals. BlueSky have proven to be competent media advisors and hard-working partners in producing and pitching research communication and corporate news content.

    Knut Myrum Næss, Communication Advisor, and Ole Petter Syrrist-Leite, Head of Communication

  • UCL School of Management

    UCL School of Management

    I worked with Stephanie for about three years as she was, at BlueSky Education, the key contact for the UCL School of Management.

    She was highly professional and effective in promoting my and other faculty members' research to a wide array of global media outlets. Stephanie has great contacts at many prestigious and popular media outlets; thanks to her, I got a few chances to have great interviews with some of them.

    She proactively searches for opportunities for her clients and produces quality deliverables.

    Also importantly, she is a very nice person to work with – considerate and responsive with great expertise.

    Highly recommendable!

    Sunny (SunYoung) Lee, Associate Professor and head of Diversity

  • ESMT Berlin

    ESMT Berlin

    I worked with BlueSky to secure global media coverage for ESMT Berlin. BlueSky were especially proactive in securing top media opportunities for our school and showed the ability to work effectively and quickly when deadlines were urgent. It was a pleasure working with Kyle through BlueSky and I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and responsiveness to the school’s needs.

    Sascha Rödel, Public Relations Manager

  • Study International

    Study International

    Communicating with BlueSky Education has been a great experience as they are fully immersed in the world of education. Their team is super friendly, efficient, and collaborative. Working with them to get the chance to interview some amazing scholars with incredible backgrounds and experiences has been very inspiring. I hope to continue our professional relationship in sharing awe-inspiring stories from hard-working students!

    Amanda Chin, Education Journalist

  • POLIMI Graduate School of Management

    POLIMI Graduate School of Management

    The main reason our school started using international PR was to showcase our main expertise, and PR can help our school to spread these messages and raise the visibility across all media internationally. As such, we started working with BlueSky in late 2016. One of the greatest benefits internally since then has been the increased involvement with our schools faculty. Externally, our partnership with BlueSky has been beneficial because I think it helps our school to gain more visibility. I think potential students are watching our website or social media channels and see that, for example, the Financial Times or the Guardian or the Wall Street Journal has recently published an article about our school that gives us, in our school, a lot of credibility, and also visibility.

    Sergio Oliveri, Communication Division Manager

  • Global Education Times

    Global Education Times

    I have collaborated with the BlueSky PR team on a number of pieces for Global Education Times, and they are always able to provide interesting ideas for news pieces and authors for engaging articles. They are also a great help in providing comment and opinion from schools or experts if I contact them directly for a piece I am working on. BlueSky are professional, well-organised, and have access to fantastic contacts and experts through their clients who are truly experts in their fields.

    Hari Srinivasan, Managing Editor

  • ESCP Business School

    ESCP Business School

    The team at BlueSky Education continue to demonstrate their detailed understanding of the higher education market and a tested capacity to promote institutional brands and excellence. We regard them as a strategic business partner and a key part of our multi-agency eco-system.

    Professor Simon Mercado, Dean of ESCP Business School’s London campus

  • Open Access Government

    Open Access Government

    As a publication, working with BlueSky PR has been a genuine pleasure. Whenever we have need of coverage over fast-changing current affairs, we reach out to this team. They bring us exclusive bylines from respected experts, strong pitches that are relevant to our audience, and a swift, open-minded team who communicate effortlessly. The intelligence of their approach marks them as different in a highly saturated field. We look forward to continuing this working relationship.

    Nishat Choudhury, Digital Editor



    BlueSky PR are extremely proactive, finding new insight and ways of LSE IDEAS promoting its work and expertise across a good spread of international outlets. They are a very professional and hardworking team, managing to combine quick turnaround with great attention to detail. BlueSky are in touch with us on an almost daily basis and the team are all very friendly, making them a delight to work with!

    Jessica Keating, Communications Officer, and Emilia Knight, Centre Manager

  • NEOMA Business School

    NEOMA Business School

    We have been working in collaboration with BlueSky since January and the words that come to me are: responsiveness, efficiency, pleasant, always available, attentive and rigorous.

    Aziza Benechour, Press Officer



  • Nazarbayev University

    Nazarbayev University

    I was working with BlueSky Education under Nazarbayev University global media coverage campaign in 2019. During that time the team has shown extremely high attention to details, punctuality, and ability to work fast and effectively. They made a significant impact on securing amazing coverage about our university in world-renowned global media!

    Zhamal Mukanova, Marketing Manager

  • Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)

    Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)

    The team at BlueSky are very professional and hardworking. We had great success in getting our research and data into target publications we had previously not been able to reach, and this was all because of the media relationships the BlueSky team had built over the years. Stephanie and Peter were in contact with us almost everyday and were very proactive in pitching ideas that would peak the interest of the press. We are very grateful for the commitment and diligence they provided our team!

    Tina Ganguly, Senior Marketing Manager, Europe

  • Nyenrode Business Universiteit

    Nyenrode Business Universiteit

    BlueSky has been a true partner for Nyenrode, ensuring that the right opportunities are utilized at the right time. Moreover, their support has impacted Nyenrode’s initiatives across different regions, themes and programs. Their proactiveness has ensured visibility across some of the most relevant business education channels.

    Javier Arias Brenes,  International Marketing Manager

  • UCL School of Management

    UCL School of Management

    BlueSky PR deliver great results on a regular basis, with reputable titles across the globe. We’ve worked with other agencies too, and BlueSky stand out from the crowd. They have been fantastic at earning us excellent coverage, pitching ideas to us, and securing comment pieces in various places. The team are on the ball, and really friendly – and the academics really enjoy working with them too which is a great bonus!

    Daniel Waterfield, Communications and Marketing Officer

  • HEC Paris

    HEC Paris

    HEC Paris have worked with BlueSky PR for many years now and we retain them because they understand our business and our market extremely well. They always produce excellent results and do so in our key target markets around the globe. Their support over the years has led directly to great improved visibility of a number of HEC  Paris initiatives as well as the overall enhancement of the school’s brand recognition outside of France.

    Philippe Oster, Director of Communications

  • École Polytechnique

    École Polytechnique

    I have the pleasure of working with BlueSky PR for a little shy of a year now, and it has been a great experience! BlueSky's professionalism, reactivity and hard work truly pay off and are demonstrated through the successful results of the different media projects and events that they have helped to put in place with international contacts across the globe.  I highly recommend working with BlueSky and look forward to continuing to do so myself.

    Sara Tricarico, International & Scientific Press Relations Officer

  • Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

    Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

    I wanted to send you my warm thanks for all you have done for the Dean’s trip to Asia and to pass along his gratitude too.  We met our deadlines, and I wanted to say how grateful we are for the opportunities you have created.

    We could not dream of securing such coverage in South America without your help (and that is true in many of the other countries in which you are supporting us). We will make sure the Dean and others are aware of the ROI we are seeing in terms of long-form meaningful coverage. This sort of coverage is invaluable in demonstrating your impact.

    Clare Fisher, Head of Public Relations

  • Vlerick Business School

    Vlerick Business School

    Working with BlueSky PR made me see the value of public relations – even though in the academic world this is something we do not always fully embrace.  BlueSky were able to translate academic terminology so it was of interest to top tier international press and have also effectively targeted sector publications I was really keen on getting coverage in. One of the articles we worked on together (for The Guardian) attracted interest from the World Economic Forum, who got in touch with me about contributing to a future initiative. For me personally, this was the best result I could have hoped for.

    Professor Leonardo Meeus

  • Association of MBAs

    Association of MBAs

    I really value my relationship with BlueSky PR. The team never fail to listen to and understand what I’m looking for to make any piece of editorial work for my readers and go the extra mile to deliver commentators with expert opinion and insight efficiently and effectively.

    David Woods-Hale, Head of Editorial and Public Relations

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

    London School of Economics and Political Science

    I have worked with BlueSky for roughly two years, to generate practice oriented articles based on my research. Based on my experience I am convinced BlueSky have great skill in helping academic researchers to disseminate academic work by ghost-writing articles for a range of audiences, and seeking press opportunities.  BlueSky has helped me out by proactively seeking relevant press opportunities for my research, and preparing practice-oriented articles. They wrote those articles on my behalf, fully understood my research and perspectives and have helped rephrase my research points in plain language. Their work is high quality and, as a non-native speaker, I really appreciate the help as I cannot do this efficiently on my own.

    Dr Chia-Huei Wu, Assistant Professor of Management


  • BBC


    BlueSky contacted me about a year ago offering to arrange interviews for my BBC column.  Since then, they have proved invaluable, offering insight and ideas, with a great understanding of what journalists need from sources.  BlueSky are professional, extremely organised, and among the best PR people I’ve worked with in 20 years in journalism.

    Eric Barton, Freelance Journalist

  • Darden School of Business

    Darden School of Business

    We were very pleased with the top-tier interviews you secured. Truly spectacular media.

    Julie Daum, Senior Director of Communication

  • CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education

    CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education

    BlueSky is not your typical PR agency.  Having worked with some of the most well known agencies in France for P&G in the beauty industry, I had a cynical view of PR agencies. Most of the time, we would spend months working on a press toolkit and hundreds of thousands of euros on an outlandish event just to gain journalist attention.  The result was often a high volume of articles that, while helping to sell products in the short term, did little to build the brands I was working on in the long term. In addition, the turnover rate at some of the agencies was so high that in a year we had changed contacts 4 times and had to on-board the new contact each time. So, when I met with BlueSky, I was initially very sceptical. Over a year into our partnership, I’ve learned the difference between an ok agency and an extraordinary one.

    The team at BlueSky worked very closely with our organisation to build CEMS’ unique story with the press. They have helped to guide us in the stories and publications that we should target and perhaps more importantly, the ones that we shouldn’t. They also build relationships with journalists and know which stories to pitch and to whom based on everyone’s needs.  This is a far cry from the approach of doing high visibility press releases that could just as easily be done do through a news distribution agency for a fraction of the cost. Most importantly, the continuity and co-ordination within the team is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve been working with a fantastic contact at BlueSky, but even when she’s away, her team is so well briefed on our projects that they’re able to take over flawlessly to ensure continued support. The results are the best coverage that we have ever seen, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the top levels in our organisation, and is actually positively influencing our strategic objectives, in addition to meeting our immediate needs.

    Rebecca Rosinski – CEMS Marketing Manager

  • International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM)

    International Masters Program for Managers (IMPM)

    BlueSky has done a great job for the IMPM.

    Dora Koop, Managing Director

  • ESMT European School of Management & Technology

    ESMT European School of Management & Technology

    The team at BlueSky PR understand business education and what makes for an interesting story in the business school space. As a result they are able to turn even the most complex academic research into a “good read” and something that is enticing to the right journalists and editors. They also have contacts at the top business publications around the world and are able to craft press materials specifically to our target markets. Plus, they are great people to work with!

    Martha Ihlbrock, Head of Communications and Marketing

  • Nyenrode Business Universiteit

    Nyenrode Business Universiteit

    The team at BlueSky truly are experts in higher education PR. Their knowledge of the industry, the market, and their relationship with relevant press around the world means that they have a good sense of what works with the media, and are refreshingly honest when discussing what won’t. BlueSky are proactive in sourcing and creating opportunities for coverage and always ensure we receive the maximum amount of exposure possible, with the right target audiences.

    Yoony Kim, Head of Marketing and Communications

  • emlyon


    It is honestly a real pleasure to work with BlueSky PR. They are extremely efficient and action-oriented and really understand our PR goals. Their consultants are highly knowledgeable with regard to the vagaries of the education sector and use this insight, combined with initiative and resourcefulness, to achieve excellent results. I would recommend their services to anyone within the higher education space.

    Valerie Jobard, PR Manager

  • McGill University, Desautels Faculty of Management.

    McGill University, Desautels Faculty of Management.

    What’s reassuring about working with BlueSky is their comprehensive knowledge of the education market. Unlike other PR firms, they are immersed in the world of education on a daily basis, continually making us aware of new opportunities to promote ourselves. With this knowledge and their extensive contacts with international journalists, we have been able to raise our profile in key markets across the globe.

    Leilani Ku, Head of Communications and Marketing

  • Prodigy Finance

    Prodigy Finance

    Working with the team at BlueSky Education has meant that we have been able to achieve exactly the type of interest we were looking to generate.

    Cameron Stevens

  • London School of Economics Department of Management

    London School of Economics Department of Management

    My training with BlueSky PR has been a great opportunity for me to develop my writing and learn some key tips and tricks in turning a piece of writing into an engaging story. I particularly appreciated how tailored the training was, as it focused on minimising the weaknesses and achieving the full potential of my writing.

    Alina Vasile, Events and Communications Graduate Intern


    BlueSky has been fantastic to work with! My contact has a keen eye for detail and is well-versed the B-school and education arena. She is a thorough professional in bringing out a story and was able to suggest some important dimensions for articles. We were really happy with the network she had with editors and publications. We have had a great time working together on a campaign and look forward to working a lot more in the near future. Would definitely recommend BlueSky for high quality projects across the education spectrum.

    Adhikar Naidu, Alumnus


    I have been a client of BlueSky as an alumn of the London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Management. As far as my dissertation was concerned BlueSky connected me with journalists at magazines like Forbes, Computer Weekly, The Global Recruiter and People Magazine, which quoted aspects of my dissertation and its main conclusions in their respective articles. My objective was to increase my academic-professional profile in Human Resources practice-orientated magazines. With professional and proactive help, I was able to achieve this within the space of 3-4 months. I recommend BlueSky's professional support to anyone who is seeking visibility to their ideas or professional points of view.

    Jozsef Blasko, Alumnus

  • QS TopMBA

    QS TopMBA

    I worked with BlueSky when I was at QS TopMBA.com and they were always excellent to work with.  BlueSky made my job easy as they were always sending me idea and authors for articles.  Through our work together the TopMBA.com network grew massively to include business school deans, notable graduates and current students that would have otherwise remained an untapped source.

    Mike Grill, SEO, Content and Community Outreach Executive