Writing for the Media: Workshops for Academics

Writing for the Media Workshops for Academics’

We can design informed, compelling and interactive media writing workshops that will provide the new generation of faculty with the framework and confidence to communicate their research in an engaging way. 

Writing for academic journals is unlike writing for the media, but academics can be equipped with the skills to write effective editorial suited to more general audiences and therefore help their research have better visibility and a real-world impact.

Each workshop would be run by two of our experts, for a morning or afternoon of 3 hours, working with faculty both in groups and individually for some of the writing exercises.

The design of the workshop, with a focus on headline writing, summary teasers, SEO optimisation and Social Media engagement will draw not only from our in-house experience and expertise, but also from the access we have to data-driven research performed by Forbes and a personal contact with a former Financial Times Product Manager who during their three years at the FT led an A/B testing project to create an analytical tool that identified the strongest headlines.

We could also consider involving editors from the likes of Medium, Poets&Quants and LinkedIn, to provide direct feedback on the effectiveness of the headlines and article descriptions that will be part of the group assignments following the workshop.

In terms of the budget for this type of project, we suggest to break down the different time components that are involved:

  • Workshop Design and pre-training materials, 2.5 days
  • On-campus (or virtual) delivery for two staff members including any travel
    • Introduction to Working with International Media (15 mins)
    • How to write engaging headlines (45 mins)
    • Drafting a compelling article summary in 80 words (30 mins)
    • Writing exercise in groups of 2 or 3 (30 mins)
    • SEO and keyword optimisation (15 mins)
    • Effective Social Media engagement (15 mins)
    • Summary and homework (15 mins)
  • Post-workshop application, putting everything into practice, 0.5 days per faculty participant
    • Briefing for article composition, subsequent review and editing
    • Publication and Social Media engagement

For more information and pricing details on these sessions to equip academics with writing for the media, get in touch with us today.

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