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Buzzwords: The most productive meeting in the world

‘You know what will make our meeting more productive? Buzzwords!’ exclaimed the millennial, accustomed to throwing disruptive innovation around the boardroom.


‘Buzzwords??’ cried the Generation X, lean leadership guru as he planned his exit strategy.


Tracey, MD of BlueSky PR, agreed with this 110%. She thought it was quite a unique idea. Not totally unique, you understand, just a bit.


‘Well let’s just be clear about one thing…” started Chris Johnson.


But before he could finish his thought process, Kerry had shelved his discussion. ‘I think the really important point is that we touch base on how to leverage buzzwords to their best effect.’


‘GAME-CHANGER!!’ cried Steph Mullins. She always overused that phrase.


‘This is hardly a game,’ commented Steph King, who instinctively distrusted ballpark figures.


Ian wanted to contribute, but he had run so far up the flagpole that he was struggling to circle back.


Adrian, the voice of reason, having to shout a little for Ian, chose this moment to ask a very valid question. It was a no-brainer, really. ‘So, at this moment in time, I just wanted to check that everyone is going forward. Because I’m not sure our diversity framework covers Time Lords.’


Over in the corner, Belinda was pouring herself a strong and stable drink.


Carly, who had broken from her meditative glance, placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. ‘Change is constant,’ she mused. And nobody questioned her because she said it with authority.


At that moment, the door flew open and in ran a disorientated Jennifer. ‘I’m so sorry I’m late, I got caught in traffic when I was out touching bases.’


‘Please be quiet!’ Judith whispered angrily in her direction. ‘You might disturb my brainchild.’


Bruce, who had his head in the cloud, stumbled blindly into a low-hanging fruit. ‘That fruit has a real problem with visibility.’


It seemed that nobody had heard until a well-defined, ‘GAME-CHANGER!!’ echoed around the room.


‘Please Steph,” sighed Adrian, “you’re not selling yourself.”



Much like each of the BlueSky team, you must have a most hated buzzword. Why not tell us in the comments section?



Author: Natalie Bishop

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