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Journalism to PR

I was adamant when I was 18 that journalism was the career for me. I absolutely love writing and had a keen interest in current affairs and journalism combined these two.

That being said, three years and a journalism degree later, I didn’t feel the same. I had internships in a wide variety of publications, the FTadviser being one of them, and I absolutely loved the experience but as a long-term career, it became increasingly clear that it wasn’t the perfect job I imagined it to be.

For me journalism wasn’t enjoyable anymore, it just lacked the creativity that I was looking for in a job, working at a local newspaper writing about the 30 best pubs just doesn’t quite cut it for me. So, once I graduated, I started to explore other options. I looked at everything from marketing to social media, I even did work experience in parliament to see if I wanted to go down the political route. While it was a great opportunity, it didn’t allow me to write as much as I wanted to. (I’m picky, I know).

Eventually, I found PR and from the offset, it seems the perfect fit for me as it still allows me to write and keep up to date with news trends, but with the added extra of improving my communication skills and allowing me to be creative.

I hope that the skills I have developed over the last few years will benefit me in my new job, but I also look forward to the challenge of learning about the job, our clients and PR in general. My first day at BlueSky has confirmed that this is the right career for me and I look forward to what the next few months bring.

Author: Katie Hurley

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