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How my degree prepared me for my role here at BlueSky PR

I studied English and Linguistics at Nottingham Trent University and my time at university is something I will never forget. Although cliché, I had an excellent time – growing both academically and personally throughout the three years. Although these subjects are certainly not a prerequisite for a career in PR, it does equip you with transferable skills which are key to being successful.

Initially, I thought working in the Education sector would be a struggle, due to me having no prior knowledge of business schools. However, I believe my degree gave me skills which have made the transition into my new role slightly easier.

Studying a joint honours degree presented both its positives and challenges, however, both subjects have been vital in shaping my mind, and my editing and writing skills. One of the key skills I developed is my ability to think and write creatively. In my first month here at BlueSky, this skill has been utilised heavily and I have written blogs, articles and a number of other pieces of content.

Studying English Literature means an awful lot of reading and this something that PR professionals need to be well-versed in. Reading two 300-page books a week naturally presents its challenges - especially after a heavy night at the nightclub, Crisis! However, this time spent getting to grips with the compulsory reading lists also developed my time management skills and my ability to prioritise my responsibilities.

Furthermore, I developed my ability to communicate verbally, which is an essential skill in PR as without being able to articulate yourself, you could potentially hinder your relationship with clients and journalists.

All in all, my degree definitely prepared me for a career in PR. For those who enjoy researching and writing, I would wholly recommend considering a career in PR – you won’t regret it!

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Author: Sophie O'Sullivan


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