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Introducing Georgina Tierney

I’m Georgina Tierney, I am a social science graduate from Dublin City University. I moved to London last year with the hopes of developing my career and experiencing life in a new city. I have always wanted to move abroad and after visiting London for the first time, my decision was made.

From the time I was young, I have always had a real interest in education and in society. When choosing which degree I wanted to study, I knew these two factors would be important. Whilst a degree in ‘Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation’ might sound odd to some, it instantly jumped out at me as something that I would love. For three years, I learned about all of the different factors that make up society as we know it, and about cultures all around the world. I also focused a lot on different ways that people are trying to improve the world, and on the relationship between the media and society. This is where public relations came onto my radar. From learning about the theory of public relations, I was hooked. When I found out how people-focused it was, I knew for certain it was the area I wanted to go into.

Finishing university was a huge achievement, but as the end of my studies came, I knew I needed a plan. I was longing for something different, and moving to London seemed just like the jump I was looking for. It was new and exciting and a city filled to the brim with opportunities. Finding a job in PR proved to be a struggle, but when I saw the position advertised with BlueSky I knew it was perfect for me. Using my skills for such a prestigious company was a dream, and knowing it was in an area that I have a true passion for made it even better. Being offered the position as Account Executive was a real ‘pinch-me’ moment, and I am very grateful to be working at something that is so successful, but also that I truly enjoy.

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