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King’s Business School

King’s Business School

We were selected to support the development of King’s Business School, a brand new school with the aim to have its own identity built on the shoulders of the world-renowned King’s College London and in its own new building, Bush House. Focusing on communications strategy, BlueSky’s consultants crafted messaging for the school that dubbed the institution as ‘the premier undergraduate business school’ when faced with launching a new school without a flagship MBA programme. Through this striking...


6 tips on how to implement a long-term PR strategy effectively

6 tips on how to implement a long-term PR strategy effectively

Public relations is no quick win. Though first impressions certainly do count, you might not change people’s minds, their behaviour or make them act differently on your first engagement with them. It’s often a lengthy process, which takes time and patience – at the end of the day people don’t generally jump into decisions lightly.