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Following a passion

Hello all, my name is Zahra and having recently graduated last year, I am Bluesky’s newest recruit!

To give a brief background, from a young age, the theme of career and what I would pursue had always been at the forefront. When it comes to the taboo on career paths and pressure to succeed, there are many reasons we factor in. They often say it’s never too late to follow your passion and to choose something important to you. If you pick something you enjoy you will only work harder to achieve and excel, which is why I knew PR was right for me.

Before embarking in the working world, I attended Manchester University where I lived and breathed the vibrant student lifestyle for three years studying criminology. Although not the most common of degrees, the syllabus uncovered the world of people, psychology, politics and artificial intelligence, encouraging me to debate, and analyse the world from a criminal justice and political point of view.

Although somewhat daunting at first, having experienced a truly adventurous, productive (and sometimes chaotic) year working in public sector recruitment, I soon realised that I wanted to pursue what I have always appreciated. A job which offers the chance to write, opting for creativity over calls, to be motivated in a role by exploring news, companies and media whilst discussing and researching the ever changing society we live in.

Despite being new to the team, any nerves were instantly dissolved by the warm welcome and genial response I have received. Having worked as a consultant taught me valuable lessons and the skills I gained I hope to utilise further in PR and communications.

If asked what I am looking forward to most, I would simply say learning more each day and growing within the company!


Author: Zahra Abedi



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