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How to secure business school coverage in a changing press landscape

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that the pace that the norm can change is rapid. Whether it’s the covid pandemic changing our lives overnight, geopolitical events like conflicts or climate disasters disrupting the usual order, or new technologies drastically altering our habits – external factors can have a profound and quick impact on pretty much anything.

In terms of the media, vast amounts of coverage has shown that the impact of these factors is incredibly prevalent in the world of education, work and careers.

Business schools are well aware of the shifting demands of the working world they send their graduates out into. Subsequent efforts to evolve can be seen as some schools adapting their management courses to focus more heavily on soft skills, which are in high demand in the wake of automation. Similarly, as corporate social responsibility becomes a more pressing concern for businesses worldwide, curriculums are adopting a more conscious approach. Executive education too is changing; often becoming more flexible to suit the needs of some managers who are no longer attracted by a long-term commitment to a part time course.

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Why is an understanding of the press important?

And just like business schools, the media landscape is adapting too. We are seeing more and more ways in which business schools can get their messages out there, whether it be through traditional methods like press coverage, or others like podcasts, live social media content or events.

To attract prospective students, funding bodies, partners and the best academics, schools must know which outlets to target, which topics to engage with, and why the answers to these questions are wildly different to what they could have been a few years ago. Alternatively, they could always hire a great PR agency who has this knowledge already.

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How has business education press changed?

BlueSky have been connecting business education institutions with the media since 2008 – over 15 years now – and, in that time, methods have shifted considerably. When we launched, regular MBA supplements were run by plenty of top tier UK publications, including the Independent and The Times. The FT devoted two full pages in print every Monday to business education coverage with regular special reports and interviews as an added bonus; ‘Biz ed’ press was perhaps more straight-forward and opportunities were in abundance.

The same cannot be said for 2023. The Independent and The Times no longer cover MBA news in any consistent capacity. The FT produces special biz-ed reports throughout the year but has shifted its focus to work and careers as opposed to business education.

This shrinking of biz ed coverage in the UK means that the quest for visibility here is both more challenging and more important than ever for schools. Fortunately, the same trend has not been in echoed in trade press, with business education specific outlets thriving now more than ever, or the national outlets around the rest of the world. For example, the appetite for MBA stories is healthy, where BlueSky regularly achieve coverage. In India, a rapidly developing economy has given rise to an equally flourishing business education industry, and huge press interest. Whilst other national media outlets in countries like France, Spain, Germany, Australia and those dotted around Asia, Latin America and Africa have increased their business education coverage too. Where obvious opportunities may thin in one area of the globe, they thrive in another.

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New press targets

Despite the challenges faced in the UK, the coverage BlueSky achieve for its clients remains as strong as ever, particularly in terms of trade press. Education, management, HR and leadership outlets regularly cover insightful academic comment, student and alumni stories and interesting research and initiatives. But beyond these, no pocket of the press is unreachable – there is a market for everything!

One of the fastest growing sectors of journalism today is in tech. The world’s most successful businesses are the big tech giants, the start-ups considered most ‘disruptive’ are consistently centred on a new use of technology. The press reflects the same trend; there’s an insatiable media appetite for all things tech and lots of opportunities to feature for those who know where to look.

Whilst the market for sustainability press is also increasing as climate goals become ever more important and pressing. News outlets focused on all aspects of the SDGs are interested in hearing from academics and experts on how governments, businesses and society can ensure we save the planet.

Widening the net

The media evolves and methods of achieving coverage evolve with it. To effectively raise the profile of your business school you need to have your ear to the ground. It’s not enough to know who writes about business education, you need to recognise trends in the sector, both nationally and internationally. A strong spread of coverage across both countries and topics produces the best results. This can only be achieved with a deep and constantly updated understanding of global media.

Want to use a PR agency who knows how to secure great coverage for your business school in any sector, on any continent? Get in touch today.

PeterAuthor: Peter Remon

Peter achieves prominence

Peter achieves prominence for clients across a breadth and depth of significant publications, from trade specific media like International Finance Magazine and QS TopMBA, to national and international goliaths such as Handelsblatt, Le Monde, US News and World Report, and the Financial Times. He also writes under his own name for key publications such as HRZone, Medium and Data Driven Investor.

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