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MaKi London 2017 Business Media Conference

The BlueSky Education team were out in force at MaKi London 2017 this week at both the Imperial College London and King's College London locations.


There were a number of excellent presentations and great take away tips from Media Panels including the likes of the Wall Street Journal, QS, The Economist, The Independent, The Conversation, The Times, CNBC, The Sunday Times, The FT, Times Higher Ed, Muck Rack, International Business Times, BBC Worldwide, Bloomberg and BlueSky Education's own Ian Hawkings to name a few!


Ian's presentation - So, the press release is dead?





Top takeaway tips


  • Why shouldn't a press release be content?
  • What are you trying to achieve by writing and distributing a press release?
  • Try to keep it under 400 words
  • Find a headline that grabs a journalists attention
  • The first line has to relate directly to the headline and give the main take away - what are they going to get if they continue reading?
  • One quote is enough - this is your opportunity to give your release context and personality


Top tips from the media panels


  • Facebook Live is growing in popularity, even amongst top tier publications like the Financial Times
  • The upcoming FT Skills Gap report reveals employers find that soft skills are the most important when recruiting, with ‘ability to work with a diverse range of people’ ranking as #1
  • The Financial Times is looking to attract younger, female readers. Its average reader is a 51 year old, white male from Britain. Its average work and careers section reader is female, young and Asian.
  • Readers want to see the human side of business stories and business education
  • BBC Worldwide journalist – ‘We need experts, and it’s your job to get them in front of us. Send us mini guides, call or arrange meetings.’
  • ‘Readers in Italy and Germany are still interested in Brexit’
  • ‘We are always thinking of the questions potential students might ask’


We were also running a poll of attendees greatest PR challenges, which we'd greatly appreciate your input in


Please get in touch or subscribe to our mailing list below to be sent the results.


Top tweets from MaKi London 2017




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