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Is Brexit a chance for British business schools to strengthen their brand?

Despite the turbulence of life in the UK at the moment, working out just how we might leave the EU, the country is still open for business. It’s time that business schools properly communicate their worth in today’s political climate.

If a business school can build a positive relationship with people during challenging periods like this, it’ll have a much higher chance of driving better brand affinity and embedding itself into the lives of potential students and faculty for the foreseeable future.

It’s rather important since, unfortunately, we can’t ignore the fact that Brexit is causing unprecedented uncertainty right now.

Not only with massive international companies, as giants like Honda and Dyson lean further away from the UK, but the tangible element of hesitation has been felt when it comes to making all sorts of deals or completing transactions with Britain. There’s a risk that this includes students and faculty from abroad considering British business schools.

And some schools are feeling the effects more than others. But perhaps those with the strongest brands have a better buffer than those that are less visible outside of our borders.

Keeping British business schools in focus

We’re working with numerous business schools to boost their visibility, shape their brands, and communicate their brilliant respective reputations all over the world. The better schools work to do this, the more likely that they’ll survive far into the future.

Whether Brexit is viewed as an act of self-destruction or a declaration of independence, it should be seen by British business schools as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to communicate with a huge audience that are all experiencing the same major political event. Central to making the most of this opportunity is confidence, and we want to make it very clear that Britain – and its universities and business schools – are still open for business.

Public relations can keep your audience on your side

As PR consultants, we have an obligation to be advocating increased output when it comes to business school brand communications. In this era, marketing, advertising and PR efforts could be more important than ever before.

It’s time to share British business schools’ success stories, boast about their incredible research, and flout fabulous faculty – all at a time when the world needs to hear it.


The UK is still a wonderful place to both learn and teach graduate management education.

It’s no accident that we’ve been helping clients say this for years. Just look at this Canadian student discuss how an MBA at the University of Edinburgh Business School boosted him both personally and professionally in QS TopMBA, or this Indian student speak about her great experience at King’s Business School in Master Abroad. Recently, we’ve even focused on the successes of these schools in the midst of Brexit negotiations, and we’ve written an excellent blog on making your Brexit pitch stand out from the crowd.

We must remain proud of the potential of the country, and its capital, and not shy away from spelling this out to institutions and their audiences alike.

If we don’t, we all stand to lose out.

With passion and certainty, we will help our clients, current and prospective, to understand and take advantage of this time to build and extend their reputations as reliable, secure, and a potentially significant part of people’s lives. Business education in the UK remains to be seen as some of the highest quality in the world – and quite rightly so.

After all, isn’t the friend that’s with you through the hard times, the one you want around for a long time? We want prospective students and faculty to see that British business schools could be that friend.

Get in touch if you want your business school to be seen throughout the world. Call +44 (0)1582 790 706 today.

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