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The Apprentice, Episode two: Who will be the next APPrentice?

With barely any time to digest the first episode of this year’s Apprentice, Lord Sugar has been quick to fire another shameless wannabe. The latest episode followed the usual pattern of girls against boys in a challenge, But this time it involved an original task in a very current (and thriving) market - digital. The candidates were asked to create a new mobile phone app.  And the winners? The team with the most downloads after 24 hours. Lord Sugar reminded them that this was a global challenge and sent them on their way.

Both teams struggled with ideas which allowed for painful viewing. One of the most cringe worthy moments of the series so far was that of Susan trying to explain an idea she had come up with; ‘So – see - if I’m sitting next to you, except you’re next to me. Yeah? Then I get your phone and I text my phone a question. So if I’m sitting next to you and then I text it a question…’ Edna was forced to interject but Susan quickly responded with the usual, ‘YOU’RE NOT LETTING ME EXPLAIN’ whinge. Like most candidates, Susan used what felt like a hundred words in as many minutes to say absolutely nothing and still moaned that no one was listening to her!

In the end, the girls managed to decide on an annoying app – amp app – with even the very concept being annoying. Creating a series of random and strange noises from celebration sounds to animal cries actually achieved worldwide appeal, surprising as it may seem!

The boys also came up with another ridiculous and potentially offensive app – Slangatang. They decided that creating a range of insults and sound bites in regional accents around the UK would lead them to victory in a global market. Once again totally missing the point of the task!

For a group of educated and supposedly intelligent candidates, the pitches from both teams were unbearable and inarticulate. Vincent, the self proclaimed charismatic perfectionist was given the responsibility of leading a pitch but stumbled with his words, and eventually froze leaving Jim to jump in and rescue him. The girls did no better with, already dubbed ‘Evil Edna’ presenting the concept at a geek fest but failing to tell the audience what the product was about or where you could download it from.

Nevertheless, recognising that both apps were equally crAPP, it was the ladies who had the edge by being crAPP on a global scale…so score! It was the boys in the firing line once more.

Leon’s handling of the boardroom continued the disastrous events. Having decided to take in Jim and Alex, Jim argued his case and told Leon to take in someone else instead. In an unusual Apprentice moment Leon gave into peer pressure and actually changed his mind (after asking if it was alright with Lord Sugar like a school child!).  Instead, he took Glenn in for coming up with the original idea. It was Alex Britez Cabral however, who became the second candidate to hear the infamous ‘Your Fired’. The 28-year-old Estate Manager failed to win over Lord Sugar during the latest challenge as he was unsuccessful in stepping out of the shadows and was accused of being lazy.

If, like me, you are already hooked, next week’s episode will give you your fix with a classic task which will see the business hopefuls have 9 hours to source 10 products for the Savoy Hotel – I can’t wait!

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