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Using social media to gain greater exposure for your client’s coverage

Social media is a great platform to share and gain greater exposure for your client coverage. However, many people are mistaken into thinking that simply posting a link to this coverage is enough to entice people to click the link and view the content. In a generation where people are seeking the quickest, most engaging and informative stories, a simple link with no extra added content is not enough to convince people to view your coverage.

Here are a few tips on how to form your social media posts so that your client coverage gets the best exposure possible:

Include insightful comment

Including thought-provoking and insightful quotes from your coverage in your post will encourage more people to click on and read your client’s coverage. The quotes will act as a teaser for those who are interested in the subject and give them a short snippet of what to expect from the piece, encouraging them to read the article for more.

Use relevant hash tags

Including hashtags which are relevant to the articles subject area in your post will gain greater exposure within its specific targeted audience. The likelihood is that your own personal social media accounts do not have a large, specific following of all the subject areas that your clients gain media coverage within - adding these hashtags will make your content more accessible to those who it is targeted at.

Encourage discussion

Posting a link to your coverage and including a call to action such as asking for thoughts and comments from other social media users will not only encourage more people to read the article, but also encourage interaction from them joining in with the discussion and getting people talking about your clients.

Tag relevant people

Tagging the relevant social media accounts, such as your client and the news outlet which your coverage appears in, will directly inform them of the coverage and encourage them to both interact with it and share it. This will expose the coverage to a much larger and diverse audience, thus gaining it a greater readership.

Clear presentation

The presentation of a post is key in enticing a social media user to initially engage with it. Your posts should be clear, snappy and appealing so that it catches the eye of social media users, entices them to read the post and encourages them to read more via the link.

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Author: Peter Remon

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