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To blog or not to blog? The benefits of blogging for business schools

There are 409 million blogs on Tumblr alone. Although this statistic may feel intimidating and evoke a sense of shouting into the void, business schools should actively try and engage with blogging. Schools should be aiming to post new information frequently, whether this be regarding new faculty, student diaries or exciting changes within the department. In this digital age, blogging should become an integral part of your marketing plan as it can help you to gain prominence in your field and set you apart from your competitors. I will now outline four reasons why you should get involved:

    1. Blogging is going to significantly enhance your SEO (Search engine optimisation). This is a process of increasing your visibility in search engine rankings and obtaining a higher placement, therefore attracting organic traffic to your website. To increase this further, you should be aiming to update content frequently and make sure to include keywords in your blog as this will increase the likelihood of it being ranked highly by search engine algorithms. By doing this, this will attract more traffic to your website and therefore help to set you apart from your competitors.
    2. As a result, if you are regularly updating new, interesting content, your target audience are much more likely to return to your page again. You should share your blog on your social media accounts – whether that be Facebook, Twitter, etc. – which has the benefit of feeding your social stream, as well as generating more traffic to your website. It has been found that businesses – and indeed business schools - who blog, receive 93% more traffic to their websites.
    3. If you are creating engaging content, it offers the opportunity to be seen as a ‘thought leader’ in your industry, especially if you are outlining new research and trends in the business sector. This will help to establish your school and faculty as experts with clout which will set you apart from other business schools.
    4. Blogging will enable you to develop better relationships with your target audience. If there is a comment section, your audience and potential students may engage with the post and ask questions, which provides you with the opportunity to create a trusting relationship.

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Author: Sophie O'Sullivan

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