A lesson in poetry with John Byrne

When Poets & Quants launched, it may have seemed like just another business school website covering campus news, rankings views and admissions advice for would-be MBA hopefuls. But the Editor-in-Chief of the site was none other than John Byrne, former editor at Bloomberg Business Week, who introduced the first MBA ranking back in 1988.


So it should come as no surprise that Poets & Quants is now among the most influential and widely read sites in the business school world, attracting over 2 million page views each month from around a quarter of a million unique users. If you are looking for breaking news about MBA programmes, profiles of rising faculty, or interviews with the deans and admissions directors of the world's top business schools, Poets & Quants  has become the platform of choice for three-quarters of the US market for MBAs and EMBAs, and a growing audience around the world.


It used to be that Bloomberg or The Wall Street Journal would be first on the contact list when taking your story to the US media. No longer. If you are trying to reach an informed readership of young professionals working at global companies and with undergraduate degrees from the world's best universities, this is the place to start. And if your dean asks why he or she needs to make time for an interview with a website whose name is a playful reference to the cultural mix of every MBA programme, you can point to the long list of peers from Harvard to Haas who recognise this is a site with influence.


So if you have an interview with John Byrne lined up, what are the pointers you should be aware of to make the most of the exchange? Below are five key things that the BlueSky Education team think you should know.


  1. Know your interviewer.
  2. Know your subject.
  3. Know your audience.
  4. Know your sound bite.
  5. Know your social media.


To read the full article on preparing for an interview with John Byrne, download issue 1.2 of Wildfire – media insights for Biz Ed


We hope you found these insights helpful. The BlueSky team would be happy to discuss how best to approach John and the Poets & Quants editorial team with news about your school – get in touch.

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