BlueSky Education Client Media Coverage Highlights November 2023

November has truly been a standout month for our partners, with an impressive array of features in some of fantastic top-tier and trade media publications.

Professor Leon Hartwell, an LSE IDEAS Senior Associate, shared his insights on Russia's role in the G20. This coverage is particularly noteworthy as it not only highlights the expertise of Professor Hartwell but also places the school within a broader geopolitical discourse. The international reach and credibility of Newsweek make it an excellent platform to amplify the voice of our clients on such critical issues.

INSEAD hosted its annual Americas Conference in San Francisco, and we were able to invite journalists from Reuters, The Independent and Forbes to attend. A talk on the role of AI in the classroom resulted in some fantastic coverage in Reuters. Notably, this piece not only found a home here but also resonated globally, making its mark across 200 different publications, including heavyweights like the South China Morning Post, Verdict, and The Japan Times. The widespread coverage underscores the global acknowledgement of INSEAD's innovative teaching methods, aligning seamlessly with our mission to showcase our clients in publications with significant reach.

Professor Atanu Chaudhuri from Durham University Business School, meanwhile, took centre stage in an insightful Raconteur piece on supply chain fraud. Raconteur's reputation for in-depth analysis and thought-provoking content makes it an ideal platform to highlight the expertise of our academic professionals. On top of that, Raconteur also often features as a pull-out supplement within print editions of The Times, providing some additional high-value coverage.

The joint feature of Neoma Business School and Polimi Graduate School of Management in the Financial Times adds another layer of triumph. The article on the luxury goods sector and business education highlights an important sector for the schools, one in which their coverage is well merited. We work with the FT a lot because the global relevance of the publication, combined with its extensive readership, ensures that our clients' contributions reach a diverse and influential audience.

Nyenrode Business University’s Dr Tineke Lambooy was featured in Citizen Zero’s online magazine, writing an opinion piece on the impacts of giving legal rights to nature. Op-eds like this work really well with trade media publications, because they directly reach an audience who are engaged with the topic at hand. Citizen Zero is a community page focusing on environmental, social, and economic issues, so an ideal match for Dr Lambooy’s work.

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