BlueSky Education Client Media Coverage Highlights July 2023

While the weather in the UK this month has hardly been living up to expectations, our results (as always) do. With top-tier and trade media hits secured, July has proved a fantastic close to the academic year. We are thrilled to share the remarkable PR coverage our Business School partners have garnered in global media outlets...

Kicking things off, King's Business School featured in a Euronews podcast. Podcasts have become one the most engaged forms of content, and the Tech Talks podcast by Euronews delves into the fast-changing world of tech – ideal for professors to share their research and work. Unlike media commentary, podcasts provide the space for expertise to be shared on a more personal basis, as the audience feels a greater sense of presence with the professor and their work.

In a similar vein, Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford notably featured in Business Insider, via some interesting research and expertise around AI and private equity funds. AI continues to be quite a hot topic! This exposure not only expands their reach to a wider audience but also aligns perfectly with their goal of disseminating knowledge and driving industry progress, in a publication that receives over 40 million readers per month.

But top tier isn’t always the goal, especially when you want to reach a smaller, yet more dedicated and engaged readership. Durham University Business School gained valuable coverage on Open Access Government, a platform committed to addressing global challenges. The article focused on understanding NHS emissions and achieving net-zero goals, highlighting Durham's dedication to sustainability and social responsibility, and strengthening the school's reputation as a force for positive change.

Education press, like the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education and Times Higher Education are perfect outlets to share industry-relevant news that might not make it into top tier/wider media. For example, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management secured coverage highlighting the new faculty higher in Times Higher Education, amongst other global appointments. News like this will very rarely make it to the BBC, but through THE the new appointment reaches a relevant global audience of 1.5 million.

As we head further into summer, holidays, barbeques and hot weather can often get in the way of public relations. But we are proud to have facilitated these fantastic opportunities! If you feel like you’re missing out, and want to elevate your PR goals, get in touch today!