BlueSky Education Client Media Coverage Highlights January 2024

With a record-breaking year behind us at BlueSky, we started the new year off with a phenomenal bang, securing top hits for our partners in famed and international media across the whole of January, usually a slow month as universities reawaken from the heady slumber of the holidays, but not here.

Many of our partners were featured in a landmark lookback in Forbes on examples of good, bad, and ugly leadership in 2023, with professors lending their expertise and providing pivotal commentary on the management styles of key leaders the world over.

Also in Forbes was a standout piece on the subtleties and successes of the oft-touted Nordic style of leadership, centred around research out of NHH Norwegian School of Economics.

The Financial Times was flooded with articles on BlueSky partners this month, thanks to the indefatigable efforts of the team.

Brand-new research out of Vlerick Business School was featured in a piece in the FT on CEO pay structures and how they can “camouflage” overpay (a topic in the news again in early February, with the overturning by a Delaware court of Elon Musk’s historic, multi-billion-dollar Tesla pay package).

Another timely piece of research, out of Imperial College Business School, was featured in an FT article on the increasing threat of cyber security breaches and attacks on businesses, with a professor commenting at length on the on-trend threat posed by the malicious use of generative AI.

ESMT Berlin appeared in an FT newsletter, on the ever-important subject of gender parity in MBA programmes (diversity being essential to a well-formed MBA), which also showcased ESMT’s applauded MBA and MSc women's scholarships.

A new study out of Vienna University of Economics and Business on the subject of competition and creativity in companies (interestingly, and against-the-grain-of-much-contemporary-thought, it turns out that competition stifles creativity) was the subject of a significant article in The Economist. Creativity was again in the news with research out of AACSB in the noted industry publication QS, offering tips on how to embed creativity in a business school education.

Vlerick and Imperial were featured in BBC Worklife on the current backlash against corporate diversity efforts. Sankalp Chaturvedi, a professor at Imperial, shot back, commenting on how much better and more creative companies are when implementing DEI.

Two pieces of research out of Hult International Business School were also covered in The European, one on the scalpel neuroscience can take to workplace stress, and another on how to cool off at work in an overheating world.

Other subjects which brightened the gloomy skies of January were Aalto University School of Business offering tips on reducing food waste (more important than ever) in The European, and the cheering news of Peter Todd’s recovery from a brain tumour and his taking the helm at Imperial in Poets and Quants.

This is just some of the coverage achieved. It is a pleasure to disseminate the fantastic research of our partners, and we look forward to much, much more in 2024.

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