European School of Management and Technology

The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) was founded in October 2002 by 25 leading global companies. Based in Berlin, this leading European business school offers a full-time MBA and an Executive MBA program as well as executive education.

The challenge

BlueSky Education PR was tasked with creating media interest and securing coverage for a research project undertaken by a faculty member at the school. The research had monitored the progression and development of the European energy sector over a number of years in fields such as sustainability and green energy generation.

The solution

The BlueSky Education team first analysed the research and then worked with the author to pick out the key findings of the study, and discover the elements that would be of most interest to the press. The research had uncovered a particularly interesting trend across Europe of communities who, frustrated by high prices, lack of regulation and the continued use of fossil fuels had set up their own means of energy production via various renewable sources.

With articles on energy efficiency and sustainability featuring heavily in worldwide media, BlueSky was able to target journalists specifically focused on these topics in national newspapers as well as magazines and journals focused specifically on the energy industry.

A pitch based around the growing trend in sustainable personalised energy production, the reasons for the occurrence, and the benefits it could provide to various European countries was sent to the relevant press targets, with the offer of either an interview with the researcher or a contributed article written by him.

The results

To date, the research has been featured in several publications, as well as featured on The Guardian’s Sustainable Business Network.