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Top PR mistakes and how to avoid them

Making a mistake when you’re a PR professional is not only costly but also detrimental to your company’s reputation, which in some cases may never be regained.

So here are three of the key mistakes to avoid making when planning and executing your PR strategy.

Bad timing

Lesson one: Timing can work against you. Particularly when there’s not enough time to prepare in advance of an event or when you’re trying to organise interviews with journalists but your client doesn’t leave you with enough notice to make arrangements. To combat this, PRs should be advising their clients on how the media industry works and how you need to allow time to effectively get results.

Here at BlueSky Education we pay attention to timing. We regularly promote academic research but we make sure we do it when relevant content is a hot topic in the media, and we target journalists that are writing about it.

Be Reliable

You don’t like it when people cancel meetings at the last minute, so try to avoid letting journalists down. It’s important to build lasting relationships with journalists based on them trusting you.

If you can’t help them, let them know right away, don’t make promises that you can’t deliver on. The same goes for dealing with your clients, do not be flaky and make sure they are always in the loop.

Unrealistic Expectations

When PRs oversell their anticipated outcomes to their client, they hurt themselves.

You need to make sure you don’t promise more than you can deliver to your client and set realistic expectations. For example, top tier regular coverage is not guaranteed and is subject to a fast-changing and competitive media industry.

PR professionals need to take the time to understand what is important to their client and need to focus on delivering that, rather than trying to meet unrealistic expectations and ultimately failing.

To build a winning PR relationship that gets results, contact BlueSky PR today.

Author: Kate Mowbray


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