BlueSky Education Client Media Coverage Highlights November 2022

Leading into the end of the semester, November is always a busy month for universities and business schools. Which means it’s always a busy month for us too! We’ve had quite an international month this time round, hitting a lot of our clients’ key KPIs…

Opinion pieces for your faculty and staff are always a fantastic way to get their voices, opinions and research heard. We secured Dr Haico Ebbers from Nyenrode Business University a chance to write in the South China Morning Post, the widely-respected, English-language newspaper. One of South-East Asia’s most highly-prized titles, SCMP achieves an astronomical readership. The article alone has amassed 20,000 views (and counting) – a great result for Nyenrode!

But if we are going to talk about international, then we have to mention the Financial Times and Forbes, two of the world’s biggest publications. At BlueSky Education, we’re no strangers to FT or Forbes coverage…and neither are our clients (and why would they be? Their research and programmes are amazing!). One example from November was a piece in the FT on how business schools are using the metaverse more and more in their teaching, which featured a whole host of our clients including NEOMA Business School, Polimi Graduate School of Management, WU Executive Academy and Imperial College Business School. Really forward-thinking work!

Meanwhile, published in Forbes, University of Sussex Business School Dean, Steve McGuire, discussed - among other things - the impact business schools can have on the world. Whether in finance, management or marketing, making sure we incorporate sustainable business strategies will lead to impactful socio-economic and environmental progress. When you engage with publications like Forbes, the article will likely be republished across the internet – which means even more additional coverage for the message you want to highlight.

Achieving coverage in non-English speaking publications can often be a task, which is where consultants like us, with our connections and network, come in very handy. Consider this inclusion of a statistic from the General Management Admissions Council in Le Figaro in France. Journalists love a good statistic to use, so if you want to promote your research try using a memorable and relevant data point to grab the journalist’s attention.

Speaking of international, what about Study International?! Our clients love to have their students featured in this publication because of its wide yet targeted audience. This month, Olga Ramírez, MBA graduate from Alliance Manchester Business School, had her fantastic and inspirational story highlighted on their platform. Within Olga’s piece, she highlights the diverse culture in the city of Manchester. Allowing students to speak freely on their experience allows you to highlight your USPs without coming across as too overly-promotional. Well done, Olga!

Oof! After all the coverage this November, we’re looking forward to the festive season. But that doesn’t mean the work over December stops! If you are interested in speaking with us about how we can support you in taking your institution’s PR efforts to the next level, arrange to speak with BlueSky Education today!