BlueSky Education client media coverage highlights June 2021

June has flown by and the BlueSky Education team as busy as ever, with our clients getting lots of compelling media coverage in top tier and trade press. The last month has been a fantastic display of the teamwork and collaboration we do here at BlueSky Education with multiple articles being published in global outlets featuring many of our clients. Below are just some of the examples of the impactful coverage we have secured.

The first is a series of fantastic articles that were published in Poets and Quants. It was World Refugee Day on 20th June and the team thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase the amazing refugees that attend business school to improve their lives. As a result of the collaboration of the team, we were able to get nine of our clients in three separate articles, which also featured individual profiles of the alumni/students. This is an amazing result as Poets and Quants is one of the leading Business Education publications globally – with a readership that often relies on their insights to help choose a school.

Alongside this, another highlight was securing excellent coverage for three of our clients in the Financial Times piece titled ‘Scramble for places on Masters in Finance courses’ which features comments from Vlerick Business School, Aalto University School of Business and NEOMA Business School, and looks into the Masters in Finance degree and how European schools dominate have dominated the market. It is great to get so many schools featured in the top business publication – which has a huge readership.

Furthermore, we secured some great coverage for nine of our clients in Forbes. The article, which focuses on how Master’s degrees can still get you a job in the world’s most sought after companies such as McKinsey and Amazon, features comments from alumni explaining why they chose to do a Masters instead of an MBA, and how their Masters helped them to secure their current job. This is a great hit as Forbes is one of the leading business publications, with a monthly US readership of 78 million.

In addition to these fantastic hits, we had huge success for a press release we sent out for Aalto University School of Business. Their research found that companies that have LQBTQ+ policies financially perform better than those that do not and was published in more than 15 different relevant publications, including Gay Times, Forbes, and Business Insider Germany.

These are just a few examples of the coverage we have secured for our clients in June. We have achieved much more than what has been highlighted above and we’d love to share any examples in particular areas on request.

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