BlueSky Education Coverage Highlights December 2020

Happy New Year from the BlueSky Education Team! 2020 will be remembered as a year that presented us all with many challenges but despite this, the team quickly adapted and secured compelling coverage for our clients.

Here are just a few examples of some of the coverage we secured in December:

Firstly, we secured excellent coverage for two of our clients in a Forbes article titled ‘Learn From France For A Life Changing Experience.’ The article features emlyon business school and ESCP Business School and discusses why France is an excellent place to study. Forbes delivers a mix of stories, video and trending features, aimed at the world's business leaders – so it’s an excellent target for our clients. It practices what it calls "social journalism, enabling content creators, consumers and marketers to participate." It was great to get our clients featured in one of the top business publications globally, which has an online readership of over 7 million.

Another coverage highlight from December was a Financial Times article titled ‘Choosing the best business course in the pandemic.’ Similar to the Forbes article above, the BlueSky Education team came together to find relevant spokespeople from our clients, which resulted in an article explaining how prospective applicants can choose the right course given the circumstances, featuring Durham University Business School and Vlerick Business School. We also secured coverage for emlyon business school in a separate Financial Times article. The article was about lessons in leadership and featured emlyon student and rugby legend Thierry Dusautoir. Thierry explains his choice to study an EMBA and how he believes it will help him analyse the companies to invest in, and better support his own. These are both fantastic results as The Financial Times is a globally respected daily newspaper and website with an emphasis on business, finance, economic and political news, comment and analysis – they have a section on their website which focuses heavily on Business Education.

Alongside this, we also secured coverage for Durham University Business School in another UK national, The Guardian. The piece titled ‘The pandemic is a chance to rethink education, not settle for online lectures’ is an op-ed from two academics from Durham discussing the impact of COVID-19 on education and how online learning is not the future – which is a contrast to what a lot of people think. It is a topic that is highly relevant given the current circumstances, and it’s great to have Durham featured in a highly regarded publication.

And one final example, we had huge success with a press release we sent out on research for NEOMA Business School. Their research found that companies with women on boards perform better because it led to less excessive risk-taking and greater efficiency, and was a hit with the media, securing an incredible 27 hits globally to date, including The Independent, MSN, and Yahoo.

These are just a few examples of the coverage we have secured for our clients in December. We have achieved much more than what has been highlighted above and we’d love to share any examples in particular areas on request.

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