BlueSky Education Client Media Coverage Highlights March 2024

As the days continue to get longer and brighter, the coverage achieved in the month of March certainly shines. From top tier, to trade media, the past month has been another huge success here at BlueSky Education.

On the 8th of March, the world marked International Women’s Day. An important event, the day provides an opportunity for people all over the world to acknowledge the achievements, big or small, of women and to acknowledge areas where women are still having to fight for equality.

For international women’s day, we saw plenty of wonderful coverage. This article in Forbes saw coverage for clients such as Trinity Business School, WU Executive Academy, Sheffield Business School, ESMT Berlin, Nyenrode Business University, Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, and AACSB. The article did a superb job of highlighting the achievements that the schools are making in gender equality, but also highlighting the women that are helping to pave the way.

Alongside their wonderful feature in Forbes, AACSB had a superb month, being featured in this Bloomberg article about how the number of female deans is rising. What a fabulous achievement to have such important reports being recognised!

The top tier coverage doesn’t stop there, with EHL Hospitality Business School having a wonderful feature in the Financial Times. The piece focused on the experience of students at the school, and provided some fabulous insights both into life at EHL and life afterwards, with some lovely alumni interviews.

Also seen in the Financial Times were ESSEC Business School and INSEAD, which were both mentioned in this article about female founders. The article highlights the difficulties female founders often face, and the important work going into changing this.

Another great achievement was seeing Emlyon in The Times. This article discussed how professionals who volunteer often see the benefits of this in their career. Despite the fact that the point of volunteering is about others, those who use their volunteering days at work usually reap the rewards overtime.

Continuing on with some more fabulous top tier pieces of coverage, this article in Poets and Quants featured both INSEAD and Rotterdam School of Management for their excellent education on the supply chain industry.

Alongside our incredible top tier achievements in March, we make sure to offer our clients a diverse range of opportunities, so there were some fabulous articles in BlueSky Thinking. One such article was about scholarships available to women who want to pursue an MBA. This featured numerous clients, including GMAC, Porto Business School and many others.

Continuing on with the International Women’s Day theme, this QS article offered some insights into how female inclusion can be improved at business schools. A great read, the article featured Imperial College Business School, Neoma Business School and many of our other brilliant clients.

It’s safe to say that March was another brilliant month at BlueSky Education, and whilst the days get brighter, our clients are all continuing to see more and more fabulous coverage coming their way. And who knows what April will hold! If you’d like to find out, reach out to us today. Perhaps by the time summer rolls around, your school will shine bright alongside all of our lovely clients.