UCL School of Management

We were appointed by UCL School of Management when the Department of Management Science and Innovation was rebranded and relocated to Canary Wharf on a separate campus from the main university, to promote UCL School of Management in its own right.  During which time they have hired a separate Dean to manage the facility.


Initially working on a six month project to audit and promote the UCL School of Management’s research, we selected five of the best research papers on key topics such as gender issues and management styles, and wrote press releases for these, resulting in significant coverage.  This lead to an ongoing contract focusing on promoting the UCL School of Management’s research, faculty comments on topical issues and new programme announcements.


The results

In the past year we have achieved 291 pieces of online coverage with over 12 million page views and 147,000 social shares.  In addition to this we have achieved 13 pieces of offline coverage in publications across Europe, with a combined circulation of more than four million.