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Client Q&A with Elsa Perez, Sales Manager and Media Liaison at European University Business School

In this Q&A, Elsa discusses her role at European University Business School, why she feels the use of PR to be important for business schools, and any advice for those looking to introduce PR to their institution.

Can you give a brief outline of yourself and your role at European University Business School?

I’m Elsa Perez, Sales Manager for the Mediterranean Region, Sales Manager for Online Programs and Media Liaison at European University Business School, Barcelona campus.


I’m one of the few Spaniards in a truly international team of over 40 nationalities. I’ve been with the university for almost four years now – this role was my first experience in the educational field after completing my BA (Hons) in Communications & PR and an MA in Marketing.

Why do you use PR?

Having a background in communications & PR, for me, it was natural to try and tie PR to education.


PR can help to create brand awareness for any kind of business. For educational institutions, it can help increase the figures and the quality of student recruitment in the long run.


For a long time, Deans and Vice-Chancellors have been trying hard to remain unlinked to the word ‘business’, mistakenly thinking that academia alone was enough of an incentive to recruit top students. However, competition in the market has become ferocious in recent years. There’s a need for different business schools to be clearly identified by potential students, and PR can definitely assist global strategies in that direction. For once, education and business can come together and achieve the outcomes of a well-planned PR campaign.

What would your advice be to anyone looking to introduce PR to their business school?

PR is, and has to be, part of any modern global business strategy.


Obviously it doesn’t always produce immediate results – PR doesn’t usually work alone – it needs to be integrated in a holistic campaign, helping create worldwide brand awareness. Especially now, with the rise of social networks and the globalization of the use of Internet, we can reach a much broader audience much more easily, helping our businesses grow internationally. When integrated in a comprehensive long-term business plan, the effects of PR can only multiply.

What benefits has European University Business School derived from PR activity?

The use of PR produces greater brand recognition internationally. This associates the image of the company with boosted prestige and reputation. Ultimately this affects the sales growth, and consequently, the company profit.


That is certainly the case for European University Business School, over the past year we have seen our school featured in publications across the world, and these include The Korea Herald, The Financial in Georgia and the Mail & Guardian in South Africa.

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