Megan is a Social Media Executive at BlueSky Education.

She is a creative, responsive and approachable professional, dedicated to producing outstanding content across social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Having developed her passion for innovative designs and pleasing aesthetics, and powered by a fascination with the social media universe, Megan has built her skills in producing video content, graphics, and much more. Her varied skillset is grounded in her studies in photography, the media, and digital marketing. She is adept at utilising cutting edge tools celebrated by those in the marketing industry. Megan also keeps up with new sector trends, news and more in the virtual world. Often producing at speed, she’s passionate about ensuring there’s synergy across a brand’s social media, website and all aspects of public image.

With an eye for style and always keeping impact in mind, Megan is dedicated to delivering consistently interesting content that influences audiences, demonstrating growth in both engagement and follower numbers across different key platforms and networks. She knows how to combine striking images with persuasive text, and has an impressive knack for condensing thousands of words – such as an article or blog – into a short, eye-catching tweet, caption, carousel or graphic. She maintains audience interest and knows what results investing in social media can really bring, providing analysis to establish just that.

Megan is industrious, helpful and a real team-player, collaborating with the marketing and social media team, as well as fellow BlueSky PR professionals for success.

Beyond creating gripping content and analysing public feedback, Megan regularly produces key insights into how business schools and universities could, and should, be using social media as a marketing tool – from TikTok to LinkedIn. Megan is passionate when it comes to all things social and loves staying on top of the latest trends. Read her advice below.

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