Strategic planning secures international coverage

Berkley Group, an Ireland and Singapore based search, selection and talent management specialist which works across the IT, Pharma, Life Sciences and Engineering sectors.


What we did

Berkley Group produces a bi-annual survey that looks at employment and market perceptions internationally, the challenge was to get the information out to the public as quickly as possible and increase the likelihood of press coverage.


Working from the planned release date, the team implemented a strict timeframe for all activity and carried out thorough research to ensure that any major events which could potentially lessen the impact of Berkley’s Sentiment Survey, like the Web Summit in Ireland, were avoided. We also publicised the report on social media prior to the release date to encourage potential respondents to complete the survey in time. As a result of extensive pre-planning, the team was able to get the report out within two weeks. We then tailored the content to produce a series of media friendly and targeted press releases aimed at sector and geographically specific publications.



This prior planning, combined with early contact with journalists to arrange interviews, resulted in coverage in a number of major publications in both Singapore and Ireland including The Irish Examiner and Singapore Business Review. This coverage of the survey was then shared on social media to increase awareness of the brand. We also secured Fergal Brosnan, managing director of Berkley Group, an appearance on key Irish radio station, Tipp FM to promote the survey, raising awareness across a wide range of the organisation’s key markets.


What they say

“The BlueSky team turned the data around in a substantially shorter timeframe meaning we were able to get the information to the press within two weeks of the results hitting our desks. They publicised the survey both before, and after its release on social media and provided us with a fantastic array of coverage in our key markets both at home and internationally, resulting in a dramatic increase in awareness of our brand.”