The £100,000 article – process safety engineer

ReThink Energy – a specialist energy division of Rethink Group.

What we did for them

BlueSky engaged with one of Rethink’s energy experts and spoke with him at length to uncover some of the more problematic positions to recruit for.

From our discussions it became apparent that the role of process safety engineer was both critical to the running of a successful energy extraction project and also worryingly uncommon in the oil and gas market. Despite the position being absolutely crucial, there were very few experts available in the sector meaning firms had to pay significantly over the odds for this expertise.

After speaking with the consultant, BlueSky engaged with one of the specialist publications in the oil sector and secured a feature opportunity to discuss the role, why it was in such short supply and the benefits of working in these positions. BlueSky also gathered all the information required for the article and drafted the piece.

After the article was featured in the magazine we received a call from the consultant who reported that he had been to a new business meeting where the client had a physical copy of the magazine Rethink’s article was featured in. This gave the client the confidence that the consultant knew what they were talking about and ultimately meant they were given the task of filling these roles.


What that meant for them

The positions resulted in upwards of £100,000 in fees for Rethink providing a true return on their PR investment. By highlighting the consultant’s expertise in the sector, the client had confidence that they were dealing with a true specialist and ultimately meant they were given their business.


What they say

“BlueSky truly understood our objectives and managed to secure an opportunity in a highly targeted publication that was ultimately read by our target audience. They also drafted and wrote the piece which was of a high enough calibre to impress an individual with years of experience of operating in the sector. This directly resulted in us receiving their business, without the article it’s not a guarantee that we would have, and for that we’re immensely grateful.” - Michael Bennett is a founding director of Rethink Group


The article – pg 13