Tom is an Account Executive at BlueSky Education.

With his extensive experience in education, Tom believes in the power of PR to highlight research, programmes and so much more, ensuring real impact. This commitment provides the foundation of his role delivering compelling media visibility for ambitious clients around the globe, from Vienna University of Business of Economics and Business to the beVisioneers: Mercedes-Benz fellowship, and many more.

Tom has a doctorate in English and Classics from University College London, where he was funded by the prestigious Graduate School Research Scholarship which ‘aims to attract outstanding scholars to undertake doctoral research at UCL.’ Spending so long in universities, Tom has an in-depth understanding of how they operate, and how they best work.

He also has a master’s in Classical Reception from UCL, where he was funded by the Goldsmiths Graduate Scholarship in Greek and won the prize for the most outstanding performance at MA level.

Throughout his studies, Tom developed a deep admiration for research, and wants nothing more than to see academic research read by more and affecting the world in powerful ways. Making that happen is part of his role today at BlueSky.

Prior to this, Tom also spent a year as a graduate researcher at Yale University, in the English Department. At Yale, and in New York City, Tom hosted a number of events with featuring leading literary and scholarly figures. His own literary fiction has been published in notable across-the-world magazines, including The Stinging Fly. Tom is a skilled writer, ensuring his clients benefit from this craft in the form of ghost-writing, compelling press releases, and much more.

As an avid reader of the Financial Times and world news, Tom is poised to address any global issue.

Tom also runs a “reading series” in London, which has welcomed hundreds of guests and some of the best writers writing in London today.

With his varied life experience, Tom has even worked in the busy world of film, and helped to set up a CIC which helps to combat food waste and hunger in the town in which he grew up. It has served thousands of hot meals so far, and continues to run.

With his global outlook, generous spirit, love of education, sheer enthusiasm, and incredible skill with words, Tom is an asset to all those he works to support.

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