The new normal

Week after week we all stopped working from the office. One by one we realised that for the safety of our employees we had to find a way to make remote working work.

The recruitment industry has had to adapt incredibly quickly to a situation that was considered unthinkable. Because of the nature of the industry, recruiters have rarely been allowed to work from home. And yet we’ve proved it can work, because it has had to.

Is this the ideal situation? No. This is not working from home in a planned and controlled manner, this is not flexible working in a way that has been campaigned for. Competing roles of employee, partner, parent, teacher, caregiver, chef, cleaner, etc. all at one time is never going to be the optimal working environment. Add the pressures and uncertainty that come with a global pandemic and the economic impacts that go alongside it and we can safely say this is a stressful time for everyone. Parents, those living alone, those caring for vulnerable relatives… even for those making it work, this is no-one’s ideal.

So, say we defeat COVID-19 and we’re all safe and well. The coronavirus chaos is over. Life is no longer under threat. Recruitment can resume as normal right? But what is normal now? How much has changed? And what changes are here to stay?

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Recruitment after COVID

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BlueSky PR’s Tracey Barrett recently sat down (virtually) with other thought leaders and suppliers to the recruitment industry for a roundtable to discuss their opinions on the current state of the recruitment industry with particular focus on the effects of COVID-19.

These are just some of the topics discussed:

  • Flexible working
  • Furlough
  • Surviving in a recession
  • Recruitment technology advancements
  • Recruitment business plans
  • Contractors and other hiring trends